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FC Bayern: Thomas Tuchel – This is how he put pressure on Julian Nagelsmann before he left



The dismissal of coach Julian Nagelsmann (35). What was the pressure from outside? Did the Bayern bosses ultimately see themselves under time pressure?

As the respected sports portal “The Athletic” reports in an article by the German journalist Raphael Honigstein, Kahn, Salihamidzic & Co. had not actually planned this cut at all.

The reason: a kind of ultimatum from Nagelsmann’s successor Thomas Tuchel (49).

This is how Tuchel put pressure on Bayern

Accordingly, a decision as to whether to continue working with Nagelsmann was only planned for the summer.

Big difference for Nagelsmann: He would have had the chance to collect arguments for himself with possible successes up to the triple. Especially after the biggest success of his time at Bayern – the powerful defeat of star ensemble Paris St-Germain in the round of 16 of the Champions League (1-0 and 2-0) – in the upcoming hammer quarter-finals against ManCity and ex-Bayern coach Pep Guardiola…


But then things turned out differently.

Video from 2021 is now going viral Has Tuchel already hinted at his Bayern love HERE?

According to “The Athletic”, Thomas Tuchel increased the pressure with his advisors and didn’t want to wait any longer.

The article literally says: “Bayern were told in no uncertain terms that they must act now in order not to risk him signing for other interested parties.”

According to BILD information, there was indeed time pressure. Tuchel wanted planning security. Bavaria had to make a decision.

To make matters worse, Tuchel, who had long been considered the club’s dream coach for the future, had already slipped through the net of the record champions in spring 2018. Back then, he signed for PSG instead of waiting for a signal from Bayern bosses Rummenigge and Hoeneß, who were at odds and had asked for a little more time.

Now he was free for Bayern almost half a year after his job at Chelsea. But the question was: how much longer?


He was on the wish list for both England’s first division club Tottenham and Real Madrid. According to “The Athletic”, ex-club Paris St. Germain was also interested in a return campaign.

This created a sort of now-or-never situation for Bayern.

In the end, this caused the bosses to express their dissatisfaction with the development under Nagelsmann after the 1: 2 in the Assess the Bundesliga at Bayer Leverkusen differently than they would have done otherwise? And to take action and make room for Tuchel on the coaching bench?

Source: Asia Times

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