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FC St. Pauli – Lukas Daschner: “Relegation was never an issue”



If there was a fire in front of the Hanover Gate, Lukas Daschner (24) was not far away. As a center forward, he not only scored the important 1-0 in the 2-0 win for Pauli.

“That was probably the best Daschner in a long time,” he beamed. “The break did me good. At home with our spectators we were able to set off real fireworks.”

Dream goal at the Millerntor You can’t smack him in better than that

In the second half, Daschner was twice unlucky with his head. First he unintentionally cleared a Medic header on the 96 goal (69th), shortly afterwards his booth didn’t count because Metcalfe was offside: “That was annoying. That would have given me another push. We won two games in a row. But there is more to it than that.”

Does that mean Pauli is out of the relegation battle? Daschner confident: “The topic of relegation battle was never an issue for us. That comes a bit more from the outside.”


A surprising statement with only four points in 16th place.

Source: Asia Times

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