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FCN: The club conceded derby defeat against better Fürth!



This club just scares its fans!

Due to a late but deserved 0-1 derby defeat in Fürth, 1. FC Nürnberg slipped deeper and deeper into the relegation vortex and will definitely be in 16th place on Sunday.

Vice-captain Enrico Valentini (33), who was about to score the winning goal for Nuremberg in the second half, after the 270th Frankenderby: “In the first half we clearly didn’t do enough. We were also lucky with the penalty. We scored once in the second half, unfortunately it was offside. I had a huge chance that I actually have to take. That annoys me immensely. Overall, we lost a lot of easy balls and had to chase a lot. It wasn’t a nice game!”

The emotional state of the victorious clover leaf is completely different: After the sixth win (with two draws) from the last ten neighborhood duels, the view in the table (9th place) goes up again. Ragnar Ache (24), who came on late as a substitute, became a great derby hero. In the 91st minute, the Frankfurt loan sunk a perfect cross from Griesbeck in the margin for the much acclaimed winning goal. Directly in front of the North Stand….

Not only at Ache all dams broke afterwards: “It’s an indescribable feeling. I actually don’t remember exactly where I ran to after my goal.”


Ache finally plunged the club into a valley of tears with his last-minute goal. Club trainer Markus Weinzierl (48): “It was a bitter evening. If you don’t score, you must at least keep a clean sheet. But we didn’t defend well when we conceded.” Not the first time that evening.

The inferiority of FCN in terms of play was particularly frightening before the break. Except for a spirited solo by Derby debutant Jermain Nischalke (2nd) and a shot by Fabian Nürnberger (4th), almost nothing came to the Fürth goal. The cloverleaf, on the other hand, even afforded themselves the luxury of hitting a justified penalty kick against the crossbar (11th) through captain Branimir Hrgota.

The Fürth explosion on video Last-minute madness in the Franconia derby

One thing is clear: at the latest, FCN is only concerned with staying up in the league. The goal for the season (1st to 6th place), which was renewed during the winter break, should really not be mentioned after this derby.

Source: Asia Times


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