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Flash freezing, black ice are major concerns throughout the Tri-State Area



RIDGEWOOD, N.J. — Flash freezing is a major concern in the Tri-State Area.

The dropping temperatures will be a big challenge for drivers on Friday and throughout the weekend.

Other problems include power outages caused by strong winds, as evidenced by a downed tree in Ridgewood responsible for a loss of electricity earlier in the day.

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On the busiest day of the year, generators were brought in to Park Wood Delicatessen and Catering in Midland Park after the deli lost power.

“We do food for thousands and thousands of people. Christmas Eve is crazy. Nobody cooks,” owner Roger Schnorrbush said. “This morning, when the lights went out at 9 o’clock, when the power went out, it was not good. Some friends and family helped me out and got us generators.”


Police say a tree crashing on to power lines in neighboring Ridgewood caused outages across the Midland Park area.

PSE&G crews worked on the downed lines, eventually restoring power to the deli.

“It was a mad dash to get here and I am glad the power is back on and I am happy to get what we need before the holidays,” Ridgewood resident Maris Ben-Yehuda said.

Across New Jersey there were other problems, including flooding down the Jersey Shore in Bay Head. Residents walkedg through the water to pick up orders at a local bakery.

Rain puddles are likely to freeze up on the road as temperatures drop. Crews with Essex County’s Public Works Department are ready with tons of salt.

“The county executive will have us salt all the roadways. We have all three salt domes in the county and we have about 10,000 tons on hand,” DPW’s Frank Pascucci said.

AAA’s top calls during the extreme cold have been car batteries going out and tires losing pressure, adding more than 4,000 drivers in our area will also lock themselves out of their cars, many because of frozen doors.


“Sub-zero temperatures, those things can freeze up, so it may be difficult just to get into your vehicle,” AAA Northeast’s Robert Sinclair Jr. said.

The most serious issue could be black ice. Sinclair said if you are on the road, pay attention to the car ahead.

“Look at the tires of the vehicle in front of you. If they spray off of the tires, then the pavement is just wet. You need to slow down,” Sinclair said. “If there is no spray and the pavement looks wet, then that is ice.”

New Jersey’s Department of Transportation has hundreds of trucks on the highways, as well. The agency is concerned about a hilly party of Route 280 in Essex County that freezes over.

State officials are urging people to stay off the road as the temperatures drop even more Friday night.

Source: CBS


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