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Florence Pugh Reveals Her ‘Weird’ Hidden Talent: ‘I’m Quite Good at That’



Florence Pugh is one of the hottest young actors right now, earning commercial and critical acclaim for her work in Hollywood. However, she has plenty of other talents, including one very strange one. 

Florence Pugh is a talented singer and even featured on a single with her brother, Toby Sebastian

Pugh is a talented actor, even earning an Oscar nomination for her role in Little Women. Her career almost took a very different turn, though. Pugh is an excellent singer and, before she became famous, would film videos of herself performing and post them on YouTube. 

While she hasn’t decided to actively pursue a singing career yet, Pugh’s vocals have featured on a single. Her brother, known professionally as Toby Sebastian, released a song in 2021 called “Midnight,” with Pugh named as a featured artist. 

“My mum asked ‘have you played her the song? Don’t you fancy some backing vocals from your sister?’” Sebastian told the BBC of his single. “It’s funny how things go. I can’t imagine the song without Flo’s voice on it now… Her voice is so different to mine, she has such an interesting tone and so much depth.”

What is Florence Pugh’s hidden talent? ‘Squeezing spots’

According to Pugh, acting and singing aren’t her only talents. In a recent interview with IGV, the actor revealed that she is skilled at “squeezing spots,” or popping pimples. Pugh called the hidden talent her “niche thing.”


“My stylist, Rebecca, whenever she has anything on her face, [she] will message me and be like, ‘What do I do with this?’ or ‘I’m going to show you this later’ or ‘Do you have anything for this?’ so I’ll give out spot stickers,” Pugh explained, adding, “I’m quite good at that.”

The actor went on to compare popping pimples to a game of Operation, then jokingly revealed that, if acting hadn’t worked out for her, she would have become a “Pugh-tician.”

Roles in ‘Midsommar,’ ‘Little Women,’ and ‘Black Widow’ made Florence Pugh a star

Luckily, acting did work out for Pugh. She made her professional acting debut in 2014’s The Falling and worked steadily until her big break in 2019. That year, Pugh impressed audiences and critics in three very different movies: the wrestling comedy Fighting with My Family, the horror movie Midsommar, and the period piece Little Women

These movies marked Pugh as one of the biggest young stars in the movie industry, and she has gone on to star in hit movies like Black Widow, Don’t Worry Darling, and Puss in Boots: The Last Wish

Florence Pugh teamed up with her ex Zach Braff for her latest project ‘A Good Person’

Pugh’s most recent project is A Good Person, a movie about a young woman and an older man who are brought together by their efforts to move on from a traumatic accident. Pugh stars in the movie alongside Morgan Freeman, and also served as a producer on the movie. 

Scrubs star Zach Braff, who Pugh dated from 2019 to 2022, wrote and directed A Good Person. The pair met while working on a short film that Braff directed, In the Time It Takes to Get There


Source: Cheat Sheet

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