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Florida family now living at local high school after Hurricane Ian destroyed their home



FORT MYERS, Fla. (WFLA) — A Florida family is now living at a high school after their home was destroyed during Hurricane Ian.

Jeshua and his family moved to his local high school after their home’s roof caved in.

“Wednesday hit and that’s where everything fell apart. Literally,” Jeshua told WBBH. “Rain went through our roof. It started leaking through the ceiling, the light bulbs, the air vents.”

Photo from WBBH

Jeshua’s high school was turned into a shelter for families displaced by the storm.

The senior band student told WBBH that he is helping out where he can. He has built cots in the shelter while his family waits to find out how to rebuild their home.

He said he is thankful that his bandmates also made it through the storm.


“So far everyone is accounted for. All of our sections and other sections like color guard,” he said.

Jeshua said he is ready to start marching again.

“I do miss playing for halftime shows and the football field in general and cheering on my football team. I just hope things quickly get back to normal so we can continue our playing,” he said.

WBBH contributed to this report.

Source: WFLA


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