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Florida man caught driving 'Booty Patrol' truck facing charges: report



DESOTO COUNTY, Fla. (WFLA) — A Florida driver who was taken into custody in October for driving a truck painted similar to a border patrol vehicle but instead read “Booty Patrol” is facing charges, according to an incident report.

In the report, DeSoto County deputies spotted the truck on Oct. 29 at the Mosaic Arena, adding that the truck had red and blue flashing lights attached to the grill.

Since the “Booty Patrol” vehicle appeared to be law enforcement, the deputy said he decided to walk to the truck and investigate. However, as he got closer, the driver turned off the lights and fled the parking lot. Deputies said the driver took off so quickly that it “spewed dirt and grass up.”

Despite the truck having a similar paint scheme to a U.S. Customs and Border Patrol vehicle, deputies could tell the vehicle wasn’t affiliated with law enforcement and eventually pulled the truck over.

According to the report, the driver – identified as Gabriel Luviano-Renteria – told authorities that the lights on his vehicle were not illegal. Luviano-Renteria was issued a citation as a result.

However, as deputies reviewed body camera footage from the traffic stop, they realized the white Chevy Silverado was nearly identical to a Border Patrol truck, except for the multiple green decals that said “Booty Patrol” around the truck.

The incident report states that deputies discovered Luviano-Renteria has had “multiple run-ins” with law enforcement due to his truck and has a TikTok account for his vehicle.


“He uses this vehicle for publicity and followers and for fame,” the incident report said. “Watching the videos, I saw he has hashtags listed for ‘#immigration, #ice’ and talks about how his truck is illegal.”

According to the report, additional charges were filed on Nov. 21 for impersonating law enforcement and obstructing police.

Back in October, the sheriff’s office asked drivers to keep an eye out for the “Booty Patrol” vehicle as it had been impersonating officials in several other Florida counties as well.

If any drivers have been pulled over by the “Booty Patrol” or have any information related to these incidents, call the DeSoto County Sheriff’s Office Criminal Investigative Division at 863-993-4700.

Source: WFLA


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