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Forensic pathologist Michael Tsokos takes a break: “Professor Tod” mourns his parents



Even “Professor Death” has to live with the grief…

He is the most famous forensic doctor in Germany, an expert on death and the causes of death, must now deal with a double twist of fate himself. professor dr Michael Tsokos (56) mourns his parents.

His job is death: Professor Michael Tsokos has been in charge of forensic medicine at the Charité in Berlin for more than 15 years

Photo: Wolf Lux

The head of the institute for forensic medicine at the Berlin Charité has been sharing the background of its work in great detail on social media for years. More than half a million followers follow his explanatory pieces on Instagram, get insights into the world behind spectacular murder cases and intensive investigative work through Tsoko.

Professor Tsokos (left) visiting the crime scene in Münster with ChrisTine Ursprechen and Jan Josef Liefers

Professor Tsokos (left) visiting the crime scene in Münster with ChrisTine Ursprechen and Jan Josef Liefers

Photo: Source: dr.tsokos/Instagram


The well-known professor, who has already made an appearance in the Münster crime scene” had his thoughts. Tsokos writes why he has become very quiet in recent days. “I deliberately didn’t post anything. There is a good, but unfortunately also a very sad reason for this.”

“Within just three weeks between mid-May and early June, my parents passed away in quick succession.”

And further: “Even if, like me, you deal with death every day at work, it is something different when it affects the closest family. Something that cannot be put into words. An emptiness that causes physical pain, even when it doesn’t materialize, isn’t physically tangible. And cognitively it is even more incomprehensible.”

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Tsokos prescribed a media break for himself and did not want to comment further on the grief. “Sometimes time and the world just have to stand still for a while. It’s now (my) way of showing respect to those who have left.”

Now the professor is a dad and there for his five children, who lost grandpa and grandma within a few weeks.


Source: Asia Times

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