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Formula 1: Red Bull boss pimps after decision in Singapore – “Unding”



“It’s an absurdity” |

Red Bull boss pimps after Formula 1 decision

Of: michel milewski and silja rulle (currently in singapore)

In the end he is the winner!

Sergio Perez (32) is the first to drive Singapore Grand Prix crossed the finish line, gave his winner’s interview and received the trophy for the winner – and still had to tremble for almost three hours for his victory!

The accusation: As the leader, Perez violated the safety car rules twice formula 1. Once on lap 10, once on lap 32. The race control can impose a time penalty of five seconds for each. So there was a penalty of possibly ten seconds in total. That would have meant second place for Perez, because Charles Leclerc (24), who was actually second in the Ferrari, finished 7.595 seconds behind Perez.


Formula 1 makes Perez tremble for three hours

Perez said in his winning interview: “I have no idea what I did wrong. I was just told it was being investigated.”

Probably a protective claim and one way or another without relevance. Because the rules are clear: According to Article 55.10 of the Fia Formula 1 sports regulations, the distance to the safety car in front may not be more than ten car lengths. At 11:55 p.m. local time, Perez had to report to race control. After a little over ten minutes he left the stewards’ office.

The world motorsport association Fia punished the Red Bull driver for an incident on lap 32 during a safety car phase with a five-second penalty. However, that wasn’t enough to make Perez lose the place. Because despite the clearly recognizable identical violation of the rules in round 10, there was only one warning in the end. Perez argued he struggled to keep the correct distance in the rainy conditions. An explanation which the stewards apparently found credible.

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But it is absolutely incomprehensible why this decision took so long. There were more than two hours between the end of the race and the announcement!

Red Bull Motorsport Director Dr. Helmut Marko to BILD: “It’s absurd that we have to wait so long for the decision.”

Perez does not have to give up the Formula 1 trophy

Then the decision was made. Perez did not lose the victory and therefore does not have to give up the trophy afterwards.

dr Marko said right after the race on “Sky”: “Let’s see what comes out of it. It doesn’t reduce Sergio’s performance.” And further: “He remains the moral winner in any case.”

Source: Asia Times


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