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Fragrant plan!: Jeremy Fragrance wants to become a billionaire this year



Sankt Augustin (NRW) – There are many influencers, but few like Jeremy Fragrance (34). He became famous because he talks about perfumes, his dazzling videos are followed by more than two million subscribers on YouTube. What few people know: The Internet celebrity controls his empire from Sankt Augustin!

Fragrance’s real name is Daniel Schütz. He is muscular and mostly wears all white clothes. In addition, he has a movement profile like a ball in a pinball machine. He makes no secret of his wealth.

He writes down his goals on sticky notes

Photo: Rolf Vennenbernd/dpa

There are perfume bottles all over his office and little yellow slips of paper are stuck to his desk. He writes down his goals on it: For example, that he wants to become a billionaire with fragrances in 2023. According to his own statements, he already makes enormous sales with perfumes that he sells himself.

But why Saint Augustine?

“I just got stuck in this area,” he says. The reason was a boy band that he was part of and that lived in a house in Bonn. But that’s the way it is, he says: “We influencers, we can shoot anywhere if we have our camera with us.” He has scents in Sankt Augustin, as well as in Oldenburg. And also in Miami – he now owns two apartments there.


He describes his lifestyle in Sankt Augustin in strange detail: “Take a cold shower, ride a bike, get up at 5:11 a.m.” (dpa)

Source: Asia Times

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