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Fürths: Whistles at Fürth’s highest win of the season: angry wads fans off!



That’s how you can fool yourself!

Fürth achieved the highest win of the season with a 3-0 win over Magdeburg, but coach Aleandder Zorniger (55) was still in a bad mood after the final whistle.

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The reason: Especially during the bad first half, there were always loud whistles, mostly from the traditionally critical grandstand behind the benches. And the cloverleaf coach didn’t like that at all. Zorniger: “My understanding of being in the stadium is relatively clear: that you support.”

Fürth’s coach even took on the critical fans in the grandstand. Instead of being happy about his team’s goals, the first thing to do after the hits were angry looks towards the moaning supporters.


After that, Zorniger brushed off these fans!

“Fürth and professional football, i.e. first and second division, is not automatic. Magdeburg travels here with 2500 people, Dresden plays third division with an unbelievable audience. Kaiserslautern needs four years until they get out of the third division. And we think it’s all automatic. No chance.”

The Kleeblatt coach only expressly excluded the hard core of the fans in the north stand from his criticism.

Source: Asia Times

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