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Gatorland asks for help naming gator missing upper jaw



TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — Gatorland is asking for the public’s help to name the alligator missing her top jaw.

In a social media post, the Orlando wildlife preserve needs a name for their newest resident, who will be closely monitored by a veterinarian and staff to ensure a stress-free environment.

Gatorland is hopeful the alligator will be able to eat “so that she can enjoy her new forever home here in Alligator Paradise.” As of Wednesday, Gatorland said the gator is significantly underweight, as they work on a food plan.

The cause of her missing upper jaw is likely from a gator fight or from a boat propeller.

Gatorland houses over 2,000 American Alligators with their 110-acre theme park and wildlife preserve.


Source: WFLA

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