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George Santos Backs Off House Committees Amid Ongoing Investigations



Embattled Rep. George Santos won’t accept key congressional committee assignments amid ongoing ethics and campaign finance-related investigations, the Republican told colleagues — and his office confirmed — Tuesday.

Santos was recently assigned seats on House science and small business committees, but told colleagues in a closed-door GOP conference meeting he won’t accept those until the issues are resolved, two people in the room said.

It was not immediately clear whether he made the decision of his own accord, or if he was influenced or directed to revoke his committee assignments by other members of his conference.

A spokesperson said only that “he has reserved to see it until he has been cleared up both campaign and personal financial investigations.”

Santos allegedly spoke with House Speaker Kevin McCarthy Monday night. McCarthy didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment Tuesday.

The developments come as a new poll shows even most of Santos’ own constituents want him out of office entirely.


But perhaps most damningly – an overwhelming majority of those who actually cast ballots for Santos less than 90 days ago now say they would not have if they knew the truth.

In total, some 78% of registered voters in New York’s 3rd District want Santos to resign, the Newsday/Siena College poll found. That includes 89% of Democrats, 72% of independents and 71% of his own Republican voters.

In fact, Siena pollsters sliced the respondents up 18 different ways, including by age, geography, religion and income — and in every single one of the 18 demographic slices, at least 70% of those polled wanted Santos to quit.

Only 13% of those polled say Santos should not resign – and only 7% say they have an explicitly favorable view of the first-term congressman, who list of admitted and accused lies and misdeeds has gotten longer by the day since last month.

Of those surveyed who acknowledged actually voting for Santos last November, 63% said they would not have if they knew then what they knew now about him.

The poll of 653 registered voters in the 3rd District was conducted Jan. 23-26 and had a margin of error of 4.4 percentage points.


Source: NBC New York

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