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Girl gets license for unicorn pet



What a cute story!

Little Madeline from California wants a pet – a very special one – and has already given some thought to how to keep it. And to make sure everything is correct, she asked the Department of Animal Care and Control for permission to keep a unicorn in her garden – if she ever finds one.

The agency understood the request and issued the little one with a license to hold a unicorn in the shape of a heart – in addition, the girl got a unicorn plush toy with pink ears, purple hooves and a silver horn. But: The attitude is subject to conditions! The mythical creature must be exposed to sufficient sunlight, moonbeams and rainbows and have its horn polished with a soft cloth at least once a month.

The license for unicorns

Photo: DD/AP

Marcia Mayeda, the director of the agency, praised not only the little girl’s request, but also her “sense of (the) responsible pet ownership” and careful consideration of “the demands of providing a loving home for animals.”


Last but not least, the condition must also be met that the glitter sprinkled on the animal is non-toxic and biodegradable and that the magic horse is fed watermelon at least once a week.

One hopes that Madeline actually finds a unicorn…

Source: Asia Times

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