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GREG GUTFELD: It’s up to everyone to disincentivize faulty thinking



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You know, when I was in college back in the day, we had something called “Mickey Mouse” courses. These were classes you took where you were sure to get an easy “A.” Degrees deemed “Mickey Mouse” courses were things like golf course management, media or cultural studies and of course, intro to Fox and Friends. 

Even today there are courses on tree climbing, Harry Potter, Taylor Swift, but the biggest “Mickey Mouse” major of them all? Gender studies. According to Yale Daily News, over 90% of women in gender studies majors at the Ivy League school, receive “A” grades. Yeah, and apparently 80% of your grade is based on how much you hate your parents. And the only way to fail is by saying a woman has a vagina. Meanwhile, students who major in science, technology, engineering, mathematics, they receive the fewest “A’s.” Think about that the next time you’re driving over a bridge in your car. Kind of redundant, but it’s what we already knew, the more useful your skills are to society, the tougher it is to succeed in your field, but being useless is easy and rewarding.

 Don’t I know it? I was an English major and all I learned was he who smelt it dealt it. Shakespeare, Othello. But as our society has decided to enable stupid ideas, now we’re getting more of them. It’s cause and effect. We’ve incentivized faulty thinking, and it’s everywhere. Just look outside. These mindless and unstable protests are in full bloom. Because if you adopt the latest trend, you are rewarded and the reward is mental instability. So who’s behind all this? Well, according to new research, liberal parents are the least likely to adopt parenting practices linked to adolescent mental health. And they’re also least likely to effectively discipline their kids. Meanwhile, conservative parents do the opposite. In other words, tough love works. 


Whether it’s parents disciplining children or ignoring Kat when she’s crying. Now it could be the brat’s fault but maybe it starts when parents tell their kids, “Hey, we’re your friends” because friends care more about being liked than being respected. And so what you end up with is a coddled kid who expects every whim to be satisfied. Which then gives bored, rudderless students a way to claim they’re oppressed and important. And boy, do they. Today, many young people are embracing identity over individualism. They’re following instead of leading. According to the Oregon Department of Education, the number of students who’ve decided they’re non-binary has jumped almost 57% from the previous year. This from a state that used to know how to identify a beaver. I don’t get it. 


So why are all these people making this claim all of a sudden? It can’t be as simple as wanting to use both the men’s and the lady’s room, depending on the line. But how did they all arrive at this new realization about themselves at the exact same time? To reject millions of years of evolution? I mean, while you’re at it, why not declare yourself free from the laws of gravity and float everywhere? Well, it’s evidence of a social and psychological contagion. All those things flourish among the impressionable and the weak. Now, kids are already that way. Their brains are as formless as Joy Behar in a moomoo. But perhaps the liberal style of parenting made them even weaker, unable to develop their own self and demanding others to accept a manufactured one, they just choose a costume. 

It’s like thousands of kids suddenly deciding they’re Batman, but fatter and without the cool costumes. And if you question it, you’re questioning who they are. How dare you! Even if it’s just for one semester and you hope it’s just that because if you indulge this thing even more, the delusion could be irreversible. You end up with the worst case scenario – castrating a child because of gender dysphoria. Which is nuts, no pun intended. According to a new study, gender dysphoria is not a thing to be remedied with a scalpel, but a symptom of mental illness. Now, this isn’t some fringe research. It’s from the Journal of European Psychiatry, published by Cambridge University Press. Researchers looked at more than 3000 people over a 20-year period who sought help for gender dysphoria, and they concluded that psychiatric needs still persist regardless of medical gender reassignment, which undermines all those arguments we hear for transitioning. 


You know, “by standing in the way of surgery that’s going to lead to suicide, you’re putting children at risk.” So we must take a child’s self-diagnosis seriously and perform irreversible surgery to sterilize him to decrease this so-called risk of suicide. But the same lead author of that study also found that gender transition treatment wasn’t linked to a lower suicide rate. So it makes you wonder what happened to first, do no harm? Now, can you really blame these kids? This is what they’re being taught at schools and in culture. This is the adults in their lives. The people they’ve been told to trust have abdicated their roles as teachers and parents. And for adults, it’s also for attention as well, for the likes, for whatever makes them happy. 

Parents around the country have protested the inclusion of gender ideology in schools.  (iStock)

The best part is nobody can prove they’re wrong. It’s all based on feelings and there’s no way to disprove a feeling. It’s completely unscientific, but anybody who contradicts them is a transphobe. It’s kind of ironic. They claim that gender and race is what defines you but if you disagree, you’re the bigot. Look, every kid feels like an outsider sometimes. But until now, our entire society didn’t seek to make it permanent. So it’s up to everyone: parents, teachers, doctors and anyone with a working brain – disincentivize faulty thinking. Stop rewarding the latest dumb trends. Give people, young people, treatment that actually works when they need help. And for God’s sake, get rid of gender studies as a major.


Source: Fox News

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