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Handyman reacts to support after kicking squatters out of mom’s house, calls for change



A Las Vegas man is calling for squatters rights to be updated after several squatters moved into his mother’s California home. 

Flash Shelton, founder of the United Handyman Association, said he was staked outside of his mother’s home waiting to see when the squatters would leave before taking action. 

Shelton explained that as soon as he saw the squatters pull out of the driveway, he entered the residence and began installing security cameras. He told the two women who returned to get their stuff out of the home or he would take it out himself. 

“She tried to say that it wasn’t her, that they weren’t in the house, but that her furniture was accidentally delivered,” he said Wednesday on “Jesse Watters Primetime.” 

Flash Shelton confronted the two women who returned to  his mom’s home. (Fox News)



He added that when he found out about the squatters, he went down to the home and noticed that the back door was broken into. 

Immediately after, he said he wrote up a lease and had his mom make him the legal tenant. 

“[I] got it notarized. I had current utility bills with me in my name. I had keys to the house, and at that point, I would have entered the house, and if the squatter can take a home, I can take a home,” he said. 

“If I enter the house, they can’t kick me out just as much. But with having a lease and keys and utility bills at that point, you know, if they call the police, the police would tell them the same thing. If I call the police, I can say, ‘Hey, I have an intruder in my house, and they broke in the back door.’”

Flash Shelton takes a picture of the squatters moving their things out of his mom's home. (Fox News/ Jesse Watters Primetime)

Flash Shelton takes a picture of the squatters moving their things out of his mom’s home. (Fox News/ Jesse Watters Primetime)

Shelton said when he presented the information to the squatters, they decided to “take the safe way out, the easy way out and move all their stuff out.”

The handyman shared that he has received “love” and “support” and would like to work to change the outdated squatter laws. 


Source: Fox News

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