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Hannover 96: BILD comment after 1: 5 against Kiel: shame on you!



Great weather, 38,000 spectators, great party atmosphere – and then that.

Again scraps Hannover 96 a day that is actually like a painting, to make all fans happy. Instead, Nielsen & Co. stumble into complete disgrace.

1:5 against Kiel! Shame on you!

With a win, 96 would have climbed to the hoped-for 7th place because KSC and Lautern did not win. But through the swatter it’s not even enough for the minimum goal (single-digit place in the table). Awkward!

For the new season, 96 needs a top defender and a reliable goalscorer. But even more urgently, a better mentality is required.

The reds don’t even see yellow in the debacle. You surrender. Scratch, spit, bite? none.


It’s great that at least the fans are once again in top form. Apart from the well-deserved whistle at the break, they create a great atmosphere. Respect!

Even with the atmospheric farewell to Hendrik Weydandt, Maxi Beier, Sebastian Kerk and Tim Walbrecht, the fans don’t let on how disappointed they are with their team. Henne in particular gets the worthy frame he deserves. Unfortunately, his colleagues have done little for this before.

10th place is the receipt for Hannover 96. The roller coaster ride gets a sad low point again at the season finale. Once again 96 ruins the day for itself. “Whenever we can take a step, we miss it,” said Stefan Leitl afterwards and apologized to spectators and fans.

A lot of work awaits Leitl and sports director Marcus Mann. The big upheaval should not happen, but the new 96 team needs mentality.

Mann and Leitl have to find players who lead the way on the pitch, intervene and defend themselves. Who won’t allow losing the season finale 5-1 at home. And not the derby against Braunschweig either.

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Source: Asia Times


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