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“Harry Potter: A Forbidden Forest Experience” coming to Westchester County in October



YORKTOWN HEIGHTS, N.Y. — Twenty-five years after the first “Harry Potter” book was published, his wizarding world just keeps growing with movies, theme parks, and now an interactive experience in Westchester County.

Friday, CBS2’s Tony Aiello visited the state park that will host “Harry Potter’s Forbidden Forest.” 

“This is where you’re gonna come and get your butterbeer,” said Laura Tully, with New York State Parks. 

In 10 weeks, an empty field at FDR State Park in Yorktown will become a place to sample treats from the fantasy world so many love. 

“I’ve read all the books. I’ve seen the movies so many times. I’m personally so excited,” said Tully. 

Tully and Frank Mami are part of the state parks team preparing FDR for “Harry Potter: A Forbidden Forest Experience.” The event is currently staging near Manchester, England.


Warner Brothers-themed entertainment promises a family-friendly walk featuring moments from the “Harry Potter” and “Fantastic Beasts” franchises where fans can practice casting their own spells. 

“The nice thing about this is almost the cathedral of trees over the trail,” said Tully. 

FDR State Park is a near-perfect setting for the event. Displays will be placed in the woods along a 1-mile easy walking trail. 

“In the nighttime when it’s totally dark, it’s kind of spooky,” said Mami. “Ambiance for the features.” 

There’s no denying the world created by J. K. Rowling has the power to captivate. Just ask these kids from Harlem who spent the day at FDR. 

“It’s really epic and people really like Harry Potter,” said Juanita Davis. 

“When he goes to Hogwarts he feels enlightened by everyone else,” said Johan Cubis. 


The experience opens October 22. The state hopes it opens some eyes to the everyday magic of New York parks. 

“Come back. It’s a beautiful place. Come back,” said Mami. 

New York negotiated a location fee and a share of the profits in exchange for hosting the event. Tickets start at $25 and go as high as $76 for peak days and times. They go on sale next week. 

Source: CBS

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