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Heidi Klum Said Her 2023 Halloween Costume Idea May Not Be ‘Humanly Possible’



Heidi Klum is the undisputed queen of Halloween. For years, she has celebrated the holiday in surprising and over-the-top costumes. As 2023’s Halloween approaches, Klum is in preparation for her newest costume. She is never able to do a dress rehearsal for her costumes, but she’s not sure that this year’s outfit is humanly possible.

Heidi Klum gave insight into her preparation for her 2023 Halloween costume

As summer ends and Halloween approaches, Klum is deep into preparations for her latest Halloween costume. At this point in the year, Klum has been getting her costume ready for months. She explained that if she hasn’t come up with a costume idea by March, she feels like she’s “scrambling.”

“I have, like, nightmares,” Klum told NBC. “Where I’m like, ‘Oh my gosh, I’m running out of time.’”

As such, she has been preparing for her 2023 Halloween costume for months. She has come up with an idea of how she wants to dress for the holiday. The trouble now is ensuring the costume is achievable. 

“I just have to see if that’s even humanly possible to do,” she said.

What was Heidi Klum’s Halloween costume in 2022?

In 2022, Klum surprised guests at her Halloween party with her costume. She dressed in a massive worm suit.


“I like to do something unexpected, so I tried to think of a costume that is super absurd, but also very familiar,” Klum told Vogue. “Because it is Halloween, you need the creepy factor, also a bit gross and disgusting.”

Heidi Klum lays on the ground in a worm costume while a man holds a fishing pole next to her.

She added that aesthetically, she liked the look of the worm.

“I love the color of a worm, as there are so many subtle colors of pinks and browns within its body,” Klum says. “And the way their segmented anatomy allows them to move so seamlessly: They seem so simple to the eye, but there is so much going on.”

She called makeup artist Mike Marino, who has worked on many of her costumes. While he was able to transform her into a werewolf and Jessica Rabbit, he felt a worm might be too difficult.

“I called him and said, ‘Make me a worm,’ and he said, ‘Huh?!?!?!’ He initially did not want to do it and kept encouraging me to think of a new idea,” Klum said. “However, I am not like that: When I fall in love with an idea, I do not want to pivot.”

While the costume made it difficult for Klum to move, she wore a sparkling bodysuit underneath it. When she was ready to dance, she left the worm outfit behind. 

Heidi Klum said she won’t be able to do a dress rehearsal for her 2023 Halloween costume

Klum’s string of successful costumes has only made her more focused on dreaming up bigger and better ideas.

“You know, I’m quite competitive with myself and the things I’ve done in the past,” she said. “I also don’t want to let my Halloween fans down.” 


This goal is made more difficult by the fact that she can’t do a dress rehearsal for her costumes. She just has to hope that they work out on Oct. 31.

“It either works or it doesn’t,” she said. “That’s always the thing. And always fingers, toes, everything crossed that it works out.” 

Source: Cheat Sheet

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