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‘How I Met Your Father’: Who Is Swish? Why Michael Cimino Looks Familiar



Hulu‘s How I Met Your Father Season 2 has featured multiple impressive guest stars, from Mark Consuelos and Constance Marie to the legend himself, Neil Patrick Harris. So, of course, the writers had to include more big names in the two-part mid-season finale of How I Met Your Father Season 2, starting with Michael Cimino.

Michael Cimino plays Swish in ‘How I Met Your Father’ Season 2 Episode 10

As fans recall, Valentina and Charlie broke up during the How I Met Your Father Season 1 finale. And the two have yet to rekindle their flame in season 2. They have remained friends while dating other people, and it looks like Valentina’s latest fling is with Swish, played by Michael Cimino, in How I Met Your Father Season 2 Episode 10, “I’m His Swish.”

The synopsis for “I’m His Swish” reads, “Sophie dates an older man, which encourages Jesse, Sid, and Charlie to take better care of themselves. Sophie and Val battle over who gets the apartment for date night.”

The upcoming episode, written by M. Dickson and directed by Anthony Rich, will serve as the first part of the mid-season finale. And based on photos and the episode’s description, Swish is Valentina’s date, whereas Robert, played by John Corbett, is Sophie’s.

It’s interesting because Michael Cimino is 11 years younger than Francia Raisa, who plays Valentina in How I Met Your Father. And John Corbett is 26 years older than Hilary Duff, who plays Sophie. Both couples have an age difference in the show, which might come into play in episode 10.


Michael Cimino’s movies and television shows

Although Michael Cimino is still young, How I Met Your Father is not the actor’s first appearance in a major television series.

How I Met Your Father fans will likely recognize Cimino from his role as Victor Salazar in Love, Victor. He has also appeared in Training Day, Walk the Prank, Hamster and Gretel, Never Have I Ever, and Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur.

Cimino’s film credits are Shangri-La Suite, Annabelle Comes Home, Centurion XII, and Senior Year. And he appeared in the music video for Joshua Bassett’s song “Smoke Slow.”

How many ‘How I Met Your Father’ Season 2 episodes will Michael Cimino appear in?

As of the writing of this article, we only know that Michael Cimino will appear in How I Met Your Father Season 2 Episode 10.

One of the series’ showrunners and creators, Isaac Aptaker, posted a photo of Cimino on his Instagram in October. The picture shows Cimino in character as Swish in his dorm room, which could be from episode 10. But it’s possible that Valentina and Swish’s relationship survives past the 20 minutes of “I’m His Swish.” Or Valentina’s feelings for Charlie could resurface, causing her to dump Swish.

Fans will just have to tune in to learn more about Swish and his relationship with Valentina in How I Met Your Father.

How I Met Your Father Season 2 Episode 10, “I’m His Swish,” premieres Tuesday, March 28, on Hulu.


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