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HSV: After the crash, Jean-Luc Dompé and Willam Mikelbrencis apologize



Jean-Luc Dompé (27) and Willam Mikelbrencis (18) have to crawl to the cross at HSV.

After the illegal car race in St. Pauli with a crash and the subsequent hit-and-run (BILD reported), the second division team is not particularly fond of the French duo.

Dompé and Mikelbrencis, both of whom were not allowed to take part in team training on Wednesday and worked individually in the weight room, had to explain themselves to the club and then also ask for forgiveness.

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First with the board bosses, then in the dressing room with the coaches and teammates.


“We made a bad mistake because we should have stayed where we were. We can only apologize in all formalities and now have to take responsibility for the consequences.”explained the HSV racers in a statement from the club.

Dompé, who went off the road during the race and totally destroyed not only his sports car but also a bus stop, which fortunately nobody was at: “I didn’t live up to my responsibility. I’m sorry for that. I apologize to my team and also to HSV and its fans, who can certainly expect different behavior from a colleague and player in the professional team.

Sport board member Jonas Boldt (41) is understandably very angry. He explains: “We spoke to Jean-Luc and William and made it clear to both of them that we consider their behavior to be absolutely irresponsible and that they expect a corresponding sanction in the form of a hefty fine”.

But how high the sentence will be depends on the police investigation. Boldt: “We are very happy that no one was injured and nobody was seriously injured. Both should learn from their mistakes as quickly as possible and have to take responsibility for them.”

It is still unclear whether the two Saturdays are in the squad for Heidenheim (8:30 p.m.). However, Dompé let it be known that he will be in the top game in the 2nd division. “I’m now concentrating fully on the game at the weekend.” In the current top form that Zulte Waregem’s 1.1-million man is on the pitch, coach Tim Walter (47) would certainly not want to be without him.

For Dompé, who was driven to the stadium by Jean-Luc’s wife together with friend Mikelbrencis on Wednesday afternoon, the crash tour can be even more expensive than the announced HSV fine: If the police prove an illegal car race, he could not only be his Lose driver’s license for at least a year. He would also have to pay a warning payment of around one month’s salary. Not to mention the cost of the destroyed wall and bus stop. In addition, the dribbler may have to go to the medical-psychological examination (MPU), the so-called idiot test, to regain his driving license.

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Logically, Dompé has to bear the damage to his car himself. It’s good that the HSV kickers were at least not under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Weird: William probably didn’t realize that he wasn’t allowed to be on the training ground on Wednesday. From there he was immediately sent back to the dressing room…

Source: Asia Times

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