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HSV: The answer to desert attacks against HSV President Marcell Jansen



HSV President Marcell Jansen is attacked from within his own ranks, including by the powerful major shareholder Kühne. Now the ex-professional is fighting back:

“…then I won’t go this way!”

BILD am SONNTAG: Mr. Jansen, the nature of the 2nd division is taking its course again: Winter is hardly over when HSV gets the spring flutter, gambles away promotion and looks down the drain in summer. Or what is your sporting assessment?

Marcell Jansen (37): “My assessment sounds much more positive! Because the team works, sticks together and so does the coaching staff. I trust this entity. We are currently only one point behind a direct promotion place. And I’m convinced that HSV will rise.”

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BILD am Sonntag: Most recently, HSV professionals made headlines away from the pitch. Mario Vuskovic faces a long-term doping ban. He protests his innocence, the analysis methods of NADA and WADA are criticized. How do you assess the case?


Jansen: “I wish for the best possible outcome for Mario and HSV. It is important that the process is very clear and transparent. Then hopefully there will be a fair verdict.”

BILD am Sonntag: The case of Jean-Luc Dompé, who committed a hit-and-run after a serious car accident, is relatively clear. What do you think?

Jansen: “Since the case is not yet closed, I can’t comment on that yet. I ask for your understanding here.”

BILD am Sonntag: Let’s come to you. You are the President of HSV eV, the majority shareholder in Fußball AG. Recently, according to information from BILD am SONNTAG, there was a scandal: At the shareholders’ general meeting in February, the sentence is said to have fallen to you: “Previously, stones would have been tied to your legs and you would have been sunk in the Elbe.” Is that true?

Jansen: “It is very surprising that the media can always quote from very confidential HSV meetings…”

BILD am Sonntag: The question again: Is that true or not?

Jansen: “Yes, there were insults and threats. That is unfortunately the case.”


BILD am Sonntag: How do you react to such attacks?

Jansen: “Meanwhile very calm and matter-of-fact, because anything else would not be helpful for HSV.”

BILD am Sonntag: Karl Gernandt, the adjutant of major shareholder Klaus-Michael Kühne, is said to have recently tackled the HSV presidency and said that you all “can’t do anything at all” …

Jansen: “Unfortunately, mutual respect was often lacking in the past. But maybe we want to change the subject?”

BILD am Sonntag: Let’s first talk about Klaus-Michael Kühne again. Because in an interview with “Manager-Magazine” he said that you would stand and act against him. But, as he says: “The battle is not over yet!” Are threats and war vocabulary the new tone at HSV?

Jansen: “No! This choice of words does not fit HSV and also not for me. Nor does it fit into football at a time when Russia is attacking Ukraine.”

BILD am Sonntag: What do you think when you read something like this?


Jansen: “How someone speaks to me or about me is my business. But if – and that unfortunately happened at HSV – the presidency and the entire advisory board are violently attacked, then that is disrespectful. To be clear: That didn’t come from Mr. Kühne personally! But all this happened here, and it affects people who support an association professionally and at the same time on a voluntary basis with a lot of passion and with a lot of time. And these people deserve to be treated with respect!”

BILD am Sonntag: As HSV President, don’t you think at some point: I won’t do that to myself anymore?

Jansen: “First and foremost, I think to myself: There shouldn’t be anything like that in this club. This is neither the Hanseatic way nor the Hamburg way. And many at HSV see it that way!”

BILD am Sonntag: Why are you doing to HSV at all?

Jansen: “I’ve been in Hamburg since 2008 and ended my career here in 2015 because as a player I didn’t want to switch places again, but had taken a liking to HSV. What excites me so much here is the fan culture and the passion of the members. This reliability, this loyalty, this togetherness – that motivates me every day. And I am very happy to support that!”

HSV President Marcell Jansen (left) with coach Tim Walter (2nd from left) and Vice President Bernd Wehmeyer (right) in the stands



BILD am Sonntag: But if this opposition continues behind the scenes, will you resign?

Jansen: “I don’t intend to. But if someone in the HSV environment is threatened or insulted again, I won’t go down that path! At this point, however, we can look ahead again, to the present and to HSV’s future. Most recently, the exchange was constructive again, and we should continue down this path together.”

BILD am Sonntag: Kühne recently promised 120 million euros again, many in the club are looking forward to the money. Why are you so opposed to Kühne?

Jansen: “Mr. Kühne recently shook my hand, I gave him mine and we had a good exchange.”

BILD am Sonntag: So are you accepting the money after all?

Jansen: “The question is not what I want, but whether Mr. Kühne’s general conditions are in line with the interests of the HSV members. That has to be taken into account.”

BILD am Sonntag: What does that mean specifically?


Jansen: “Mr. Kühne recently confirmed in an interview that he only wants to help HSV and has no further influence.”

BILD am Sonntag: Do you have an alternative at all?

Jansen: “Naturally! HSV is a strong brand with a lot of potential. I recommend that we now position ourselves more broadly, with several powerful and qualified partners. And of course there are interested parties. We can now prepare a structure that includes several strong participants. Because we now have a unique opportunity to align the future in such a way that HSV is not dependent on individual parties or individuals.

BILD am Sonntag: It sometimes seems as if you are a lone fighter in the HSV cosmos. At the general meeting in January there were two motions against you as President…

Jansen: “ … which were then clearly rejected by the members. There are many at HSV who have a great interest in setting the course for the future together now. The presidency should lead the way here and work for the interests of the members.”

BILD am Sonntag: Your term of office ends in 2025. Most recently, however, you have already vacated your seat as Chairman of the Supervisory Board. Are you already preparing for your exit?

Jansen: “Definitely not. I simply believe that Michael Papenfuss (the new supervisory board boss; ed.) is the perfect man in the current situation and with his experience to prepare a new structure within HSV and to drive this process forward as chairman of the supervisory board. So I asked him to be available for this post.”


BILD am Sonntag: What do you want to achieve at HSV by 2025?

Jansen: “Our goal must be to be economically independent and professionally positioned by 2025. And from a sporting point of view, we want to get promoted as quickly as possible!”

Source: Asia Times

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