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HSV: “Too easy!” Goals conceded annoy Daniel Heuer Fernandes



In the end he was the best at 2:2 in Düsseldorf HSVer on the field – goalkeeper Daniel Heuer Fernandes (30). No chance when conceding goals, with a strong save in injury time against Fortuna striker Daniel Ginczek (31).

But – again HSV went to bed without a win. Blame it on according to Heuer Fernandes: The first 45 minutes.

After doping verdict HSV kicker cheers with Vuskovic jersey

The goalkeeper: “It was possible to do more, we planned to do more. In the first half we have to look for mistakes in ourselves. Everything is actually done, we take the lead early on. But it’s too easy how we concede the goals.”

Especially the 1-1 draw, when Javier Montero (24) completely misjudged and Dawid Kownacki (26) was able to head in freely after a corner, annoyed Heuer Fernandes. But not only that.


The keeper: “Düsseldorf was aggressive in the tackles, which we may have lacked in one situation or another. The second half was good again, we played dominantly. But at the moment we’re not able to get the consistency over 90 minutes.”

What encourages Heuer Fernandes: “With the fans behind us, it was unbelievable again. And we know that it will continue to be so in the next games. We have to take that as a trump card and then take the momentum with us.”

The HSV grades

Heuer Fernandes 2 – Heyer 3, Montero 6, Muheim 5 – Meffert 4 – Reis 4, Benes 4 (from 61. Suhonen/3), Katterbach 3 – Jatta 4 (from 81. Nemeth/-), Glatzel 3, Kittel 3 ( from 83. Dompe/-)

Source: Asia Times

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