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Huawei’s new AI strategy aims to transform industry



In her keynote speech at the Huawei Connect 2023 conference on September 20-22 in Shanghai, Huawei deputy chairwoman, rotating chairwoman and CFO Meng Wanzhou (Sabrina Meng) presented the company’s new computing and communications strategy to “accelerate the intelligent transformation of thousands of industries.” 

Called All Intelligence, a fusion of the company’s previous All IP and All Cloud strategies, it defines the company’s approach to artificial intelligence (AI). “Huawei,” she said, “is committed to building China’s solid computing power base and building a second choice for the world.”

This, as reported by the Shanghai Observer, has three main aspects:

  1. Make all objects joinable. Not only physical entities, but also logical and virtual ones; not only digital equipment, but also traditional terminals and devices; not only data can be obtained, but also intentions can be obtained.
  2. Make all applications modelable, and use the large-model paradigm to quickly benefit everyone, every family, and every organization.
  3. Make all decisions calculable. With the ubiquity of computing power, Huawei will accelerate the omnipresence of intelligence, and let the potential of data be continuously released and superimposed in computing.

Meng, who is the daughter of the company’s founder Ren Zhengfei, talked about Huawei’s evolution from telecommunications network infrastructure to cloud computing.

“Huawei supports the stable operation of more than 1,500 networks in more than 170 countries and regions around the world, connecting more than one-third of the world’s population,” she said, adding that “Huawei Cloud has become one of the fastest-growing mainstream cloud vendors in the world,” active around the world with about 5 million developers and 3 million customers. 

AI, she said, is approaching an inflection point as “neural network models with parameters exceeding 100 billion or even trillions are accelerating into thousands of industries.”

“Large models can adapt to multiple business scenarios, greatly lowering the threshold for AI development and application, shortening the cycle from technology to application, and moving AI from workshop-style development and scenario-based customization to industrialization.” 


This is the basis for Huawei’s new business model, which is to provide customers with the computing power, AI platform and development tools required to upgrade their operations. In Meng’s words, “We support each organization to use its own data to train its own large model, allowing each industry to use its own professional knowledge to develop its own large industry model.” 

She likens this to “letting a hundred flowers bloom,” a phrase derived from China’s Hundred Flowers Campaign of 1956-57. The slogan of that campaign, which for a time encouraged free discussion of public policy, was “Let a hundred flowers bloom; let a hundred schools of thought contend.” Today it means enabling the spread of AI across Huawei’s domestic and international customer base.

To the surprise of some foreign reporters, Meng did not talk about Huawei’s new fifth-generation (5G) smartphone, the Mate 60 Pro, which is a poke in the eye of US sanctions. But that was not the purpose of Huawei Connect 2023. Specific topics addressed at the conference included:

  • Intelligence in manufacturing: R&D digitization and smart factory solutions, establishment of the Manufacturing Model Innovation Alliance.
  • Intelligent electric power: integrating energy and information flows.
  • Digital industry energy infrastructure: data centers, on-site power supply, sustainability.
  • Intelligent upgrade of roads, railways and waterways: digital logistics for vehicles and goods, traffic management, 5G smart urban rail.
  • Data infrastructure for AI foundation models: data storage and mining, application to finance, business planning, scientific research.
  • Huawei Cloud Developer Alliance: improving skills, technical support, building and distributing applications.

There is a lot more to Huawei than 5G smartphones. 

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Source: Asia Times


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