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Hugh Jackman and Kate Winslet Helped Lure A-List Actors Into a Bad Film They Tried Getting out Of



Hugh Jackman and Oscar-winner Kate Winslet were convinced to star in a very experimental film. Their star-power was used to attract other A-List stars to a project they’d later regret being in.

Kate Winslet and Hugh Jackman were used to attract stars to this critically panned feature

In 2013, a roster of A-list stars were seen in the comedy film Movie 43. Many directors contributed to the project, including Dumb and Dumber filmmaker Peter Farrelly. The film had several storylines focusing on actors caught in ludicrous and raunchy situations. Apart from Winslet and Jackman, Halle Berry, Emma Stone, and Gerard Butler were just a few of the stars that made an appearance.

Producer Charlie Wessler and Farrelly conceived of the project after seeing another sketch comedy movie.

“So you wanna know how this crazy movie came about? There was this movie that came out called Kentucky Fried Movie. It was an anthology comedy – a bunch of individual sketches of just the most outrageous stuff you ever saw,” Wessler once said according to Female.

Wessler went to Farrelly with the idea. After developing the script, Wessler would see Winslet and The Fountain star personally about the project. The two were then used to lure in other A-listers.

“And once we had them onboard, and Pete had shot their short, The Catch, we had something to show people, and then they were almost chomping at the bit to get to do one,” Wessler said.


But Movie 43 fell way below expectations. Although it made okay money, it was heavily panned by critics, winning three Golden Raspberry Awards for worst director, worst screenplay, and worst picture. According to Farrelly himself, several actors tried to leave the film early on.

“They clearly wanted out, but we wouldn’t let them,” Farrelly said according to Telegraph. “Wait for them. Shoot them when they want to shoot. Guilt them to death.”

Hugh Jackman told his past self not to do ‘Movie 43’

It seemed Jackman shared many of the critics’ feelings on Movie 43. In 2014, to promote X-Men Days of Future Past, Jackman did an interview with his younger self for Yahoo. The actor gave his past self some advice about the future, including what he had to look forward to in the coming years. Especially when it came to X-Men.

“I know that sounds really bizarre, that you will still be playing Wolverine 14 years from now, and it’s going to reunite all the actors that you’re about to work with on X-Men,” Jackman quipped. “You’re also going to work with a bunch of younger actors, some of which have just been born. I know that’s going to sound very strange, but yes, they’re all going to be very young, and they’re all going to remind you on a daily basis that they watched you in this movie you’re about to do. Don’t hit them.”

But after telling his younger self about all of his future success, Jackman warned him to steer clear of Movie 43.

“When they come to you with an idea of putting testicles around your neck, and being part of this hilarious ensemble of some of the funniest movies of all time, don’t believe them,” Jackman said. “You can take the testicles, because you use them quite a lot at parties and it actually gets a good laugh, but the movie you could do without.”


Peter Farrelly defended ‘Movie 43’

Farrelly might’ve felt that critics were too harsh on the film. The filmmaker reminded fans that he took a chance on the ensemble piece, which didn’t cost much to make despite its star-power.

Movie 43 is not the end of the world. It’s just a $6 million movie where we tried to do something different. Now back off,” he wrote. “To the critics: you always complain that Hollywood never gives you new stuff and then when you get it, you flip out. Lighten up.”

Source: Cheat Sheet


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