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Hurghada (Egypt): Deadly shark attack in seaside resort



There has been a deadly shark attack in the Egyptian resort of Hurghada on the Red Sea. This was announced by the Egyptian Ministry of the Environment on Thursday evening. The incident will be investigated. The ministry did not initially give any further details.

Local media reported that the victim was a 23-year-old Russian citizen. The Russian Foreign Ministry confirmed the death of a citizen from a shark attack. It is not known what species of shark it was.

Tourists saw the predator wound the man about six meters from shore before dragging him under the water. Boaters tried to save the man, but the boat wasn’t there fast enough.

The young man’s father had to watch the deadly attack from the shore, writes the Daily Mail, citing Russian media reports. The girlfriend of the 23-year-old was in the water and was able to escape the animal. The beach was closed for two days.

There is also a video of the shark horror. In it, the man can be heard yelling “Dad, Daddy” in desperation as the shark chases and circles him in the water before proceeding to attack. The man tries to swim to shore but has no chance against the animal. The woman who filmed can be heard saying “Oh my God” over and over during the attack. The video recordings are so terrible that BILD does not show them.

A witness to the “ Daily Mail“: “Right in front of my eyes the shark ate the man, the girl managed to escape. He got the attack.”


The Red Sea off Hurghada. This is where the deadly shark attack took place

Photo: -/AFP

The Red Sea is a popular destination for divers, among others. Shark attacks are actually rare there. Occasionally, however, deadly attacks occur. Two women, including an Austrian, were killed in a shark attack last summer. In 2018 a tourist from the Czech Republic died, in 2015 a German.

Source: Asia Times

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