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“I answer because …”: Max Eberl talks about a possible call from Uli Hoeneß



It’s one of the most important sports dates of the year! One day before the DFB Cup final between RB Leipzig and Eintracht Frankfurt, the BILD100SPORT event will take place at Axel Springer in Berlin on Friday.

With Leipzig managing director Max Eberl (49) and Frankfurt sports director Markus Krösche (42) as talk guests. Two sports bosses who have been hotly traded in recent days as successors to the fired Hasan Salihamidžić (46) as sports director at Bayern.

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When asked about the Bayern job by André Albers, podcast host & producer of “Stammplatz” at BILD, Krösche said: “Why should I concern myself with that? There is no contact. Of course you can ask now. But that doesn’t make any sense. I feel totally comfortable in Frankfurt. We have had a very successful time and we will also have a very successful time. Of course, that interests a lot of people, that’s for sure. But it’s just speculation. No point in commenting on that. I feel very comfortable in Frankfurt. I didn’t use the word standing now!”

Eberl also weighs it down: “There is no contact, there was no meeting and that’s why the question doesn’t arise for me. Of course, when Uli Hoeneß calls, I answer it – because we are friends.”

When asked whether he would definitely stay until the end of the contract period in 2026, the RB managing director said: “I can’t rule out that the club will kick me out. But I have a contract and I don’t know today why I won’t be on the bench in Leipzig for the next few months.”

To do this, the bosses talked about …

… the second title in the second year!

Krösche: “That sounds good, I wouldn’t turn it down now. We have achieved an incredible amount in the last year. It’s a great story that we’re playing a final for the second year in a row. It will be an exciting game who gets the second title in the second year.”

… Eberl’s wish for the first “tin”

Eberl: “Now I’m here and I have the chance. I enjoy it and soak it up. We play football to win trophies and that’s what I want here.”


… Krösches transfers as former Leipzig sports director (2019 – 2021)

Eberl: “Markus is in the final with two teams (laughs)”

Krösche: “Ultimately, it wasn’t just me who made the transfers, but all of the employees together. Leipzig is a good team. But we have that too. From that point of view, two good teams meet.”

… Frankfurt’s fan invasion in Berlin

Krösche: “Our fans are exceptional. Not only in terms of willingness to travel and creativity. But also in terms of passion and enthusiasm. This is unique and extraordinary. They will make the game a home game. That’s clear. I’ve seen so many fans around town. And eagles beamed at the Brandenburg Gate.”

Eberl (laughs): “Markus is welcome to put the eagle on the Brandenburg Gate and we’ll get the trophy.”

… the increased popularity of RB


Eberl: “RB Leipzig is a super exciting club. Hated by the ultras, but loved by the rest. Especially with children. They are also so popular because Leipzig plays football so attractively and often plays in the final.”

… Red Bull out of the cup

Eberl: “Red Bull tastes good, but I think I would drink something alcoholic.”

… what Eintracht would drink from the cup. And whether Eberl could try.

Krösche: “Appelwoi. If Max wants to drink it, of course!”

… the departure of Leipzig star Christopher Nkunku to Chelsea

Eberl: “Christo Nkunku is a very good player who can make the difference. Accordingly, it hurts when he leaves the club. If it were the case that he would leave, I would try to convince him. Tomorrow he wants to play first and score goals.”


… a possible transfer from Hoffenheim professional Christopher Baumgartner to Leipzig

Eberl: “An exciting player.”

André Albers (l.), podcast host & producer of

André Albers (l.), podcast host & producer of “Stammplatz”, in conversation with Krösche and Eberl (r.)

Photo: PICTURE 100

… a departure from Kolo Muani

Krösche: “We don’t want to give a price tag. Because we plan with him. He was very successful in his first year in the Bundesliga and scored a lot of goals. Especially after the World Cup, Randal developed very well. He wants to learn and knows exactly what he has in us. We plan with him. We don’t want to sell him, that’s not our goal. He can still take a step or two. He knows Eintracht now. He can gladly make the next jump in Frankfurt.”

… when Eintracht presents the successor to coach Oliver Glasner. The top candidate is Dino Toppmöller (BILD reported)

Krösche: “That will happen after the final. We are concentrating on winning the final together with Oliver. To get the second title in sophomore year. And we’ll discuss everything else afterwards.”


… her final tips

Eberl: “Of course we’ll take the trophy back, but I’m really bad at typing. It should be 5: 4 for the spectators.”

Krösche: “We at Eintracht can only do drama. I think it’s going to be long and intense. Probably very, very exciting and then we’ll take the trophy to Frankfurt. Maybe even on penalties. I didn’t plan anything after that… (laughs)”

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