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Iceland volcano live: Experts reveal exact location for ‘likely’ eruption



Huge cracks appear on roads in Icelandic town at risk of volcanic eruption

The exact location for an eruption has been revealed by the Icelandic Met Office, which says it “is still considered likely”.

There were around 300 earthquakes detected in the region around the evacuated town of Grindavík yesterday, with the strongest measuring a magnitude of 3.5 in Vatnafjoll at just before 6am.

The seismic activity comes as experts at the Icelandic Met Office have issued a key update after a study of data from GPS stations and satellite images which showed an “uplift” continues in the area of Svartsengi, north of Grindavík.

The Met Office then states that the eruption is “still considered likely as the magma inflow continues”, adding that “the highest likelihood for an eruption is in the middle part of the dike between Hagafell and Sýlingarfell”.


A fortnight ago, Grindavik was evacuated after magma-induced seismic activity tore vast chasms through the streets of the town.


Really interesting update from the Icelandic Met Office issued on the possible location of the eruption.

As we know, the focus has long been on the dike in the area close to the evacuated town of Grindavik, but there has since been suggestions it could actually be north of the community.

Well, the country’s Met Office has now issued a detailed update after a series of earthquakes over the weekend and the start of this week.

It states that GPS data and satellite images show the “uplift” continues in the area of Svartseng, which is next to the Blue Lagoon attraction, around three miles north of Grindavik.


It adds: “In light of the available data and the newest analysis, an eruption along the dike is still considered likely as long as the magma inflow continues.”

Then the update goes so far to say where the eruption is predicted to take place, if it happens.

It continues: “It is assessed that the area with the highest likelihood for an eruption is in the middle part of the dike between Hagafell and Sýlingarfell.”

Both Hagafell and Sýlingarfell are north of Grindavik, and are about four miles apart from each other.

Alex Ross29 November 2023 07:50


Grindavik allowed to return during daytime hours

Police have been allowing evacuated residents of Grindavik to return for their belonging and run commercial activities – and now they have extended the hours from 9am to 4pm to 7am to 5pm.


Companies can restart operations where plumbing systems have been fixed, including in the port area.

Police officers keep tabs on the number of people inside the town by counting cars coming in and out each day.

The relaxation comes as the Icelandic Met Office now predicts an eruption is more likely to be in an area north of Grindavík, and not within the town boundary.

Alex Ross29 November 2023 22:00


Free healthcare for Grindavik residents

A telehealth company is offering healthcare and support to people evacuated from the town of Grindavik two weeks ago.

With support from the government’s public safety department, police and the Red Cross, company Kara Connect has launched the service, with help from volunteers.


Psychologists, family support workers and occupational therapists will all be on hand to offer support.

Sigrún Eggertsdóttir, an employee of Kara Connect, said the residents had suffered an enormous shock and the company wished to help in their hour of need.

Alex Ross29 November 2023 20:00


Strongest earthquake today

The Icelandic Met Office has updated its readings for earthquakes recorded today.

At 11.30am, it reported there had been around 180 minor earthquakes near the dike in the Grindavik region so far today.

Of them, the largest had a magnitude of 2.3 and was located near Hagafell, close to where the experts believe an eruption would take place.


Around 300 earthquakes were detected yesterday, as seismic activity continutes in the area.

Alex Ross29 November 2023 15:47


Volcano in Japan

As we continue to focus on events in Iceland, there’s been some footage caputred of a volcano in Japan spewing ash and smoke in a spectacular eruption.

The eruption took place on Niijima island, some 100 miles south of the capital of Tokyo on 23 November.

You can watch the video by clicking here.

Alex Ross29 November 2023 14:17


Icelandic Met Office’s daily update

Every morning the Icelandic Met Office isuses an update on earthquakes across the country, including the “volanic unrest near Grindavik”.

Its update at just before 6am this morning reported around 80 minor earthquakes near the dike near Grindavik today, with around 300 recorded yesterday.

The strongest earthquake over the past 48 hours was measured at 3.5 magnitude and was at Vatnafjoll, today at 5.56am.

The continued seismic activity comes as the Met Office warns an eruption “is stil considered likely as long as the magma inflow continues”.

House sitting on fault line damaged by earthquakes in Grindavik

(Getty Images)


Alex Ross29 November 2023 10:10


Dike ‘wider than initially assessed’

The Icelandic Met Office has been doing further testing on the magma dike which formed on 10 November, resulting in the evaucation of the town of Grindavik.

It has found that the dike, at its depth, could be wider than initially assessed.

This means it will take more time for the magma to solidify, possibly a few months, and therefore the threat of an eruption will remain for longer.

The update reads: “Additional geodetical modelling has been performed to reconstruct the evolution of the dike which formed on 10 November.

“These newest results suggest that the dike at depth could be wider than initially assessed. The time needed to solidify the magma that intruded into the dike would be therefore estimated to be on the order of a few months.”


Alex Ross29 November 2023 09:08


Predicted location

Here’s a map showing the area the Icelandic Met Office predict the eruption will be, between Hagafell and Sýlingarfell.

Alex Ross29 November 2023 08:14


Grindavik residents still face the unknown

Volcanologists predict it is less likely an eruption will take place in the town of Grindavik but they cannot outrule the possibility of an eruption just north of the town.


Siggeir Ævarsson, 38, is a Grindavik resident who does not know if he will be able to return to his family home alongside his wife and youngest daughter, Þórgunnur Júlía,10, and two cats.

They are currently staying with their in-laws in Reykjavík.

Mr Ævarsson told The Independent yesterday: “We’re all just waiting.

“A lot of people are struggling with finding places to stay long term that fit with their family.”

Siggeir Ævarsson and his wife Soffía Sveinsdóttir are trying to remain positive despite not knowing if they will be able to return home


Lydia Patrick29 November 2023 06:00


‘An eruption north of the town cannot be excluded yet’

An eruption within or just outside the town of Grindavik cannot be ruled out, says University of Iceland volcanologist .

Things are developing slowly. The over-all earthquake activity is slowly decreasing. But there was a swarm of earthquakes yesterday night that most likely signals displacement of magma within the active dike. The narrowest sections of the dike are considered to have solidified already, but the thickest sections probably need months to solidify. The probability for an eruption within the town of Grindavík is considered to be decreasing but an eruption north of the town cannot be excluded yet.

Páll Einarsson

Lydia Patrick29 November 2023 04:00

Source: Independent


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