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Inflation is thrashing countries all around the world. But not Switzerland



As countries across the globe battle sky-high inflation, price rises in Switzerland have been far less dramatic. On the ground in Switzerland, we explore the factors that have helped this small western European nation avoid rampant inflation and lessons for other economies.

As many countries across the globe battle sky-high inflation, Switzerland’s economy is seeing something far less dramatic.

Inflation in Switzerland hit a 29-year high of 3.5% in 2022. While high by Swiss standards, that figure is well below the double-digit inflation of comparable economies including the United States (9.1%), United Kingdom (11.1%) and euro zone (10.6%).

On top of that, economists say it’s easing.

“It’s coming down a little bit,” Tobias Straumann, professor of modern and economic history at the University of Zurich, told CNBC.

So, what is it about the Swiss economy that’s allowed it to largely sidestep inflation, and what can other countries learn from it? Watch the video above to find out.


Source: CNBC

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