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Inside the Operation to Bring Down Trump’s Truth Social



Truth Social did not respond to WIRED’s requests for comment about NAFO’s campaign to impact Truth Social’s trending list, why it closed registrations around this time, and whether the decision was linked to NAFO’s campaign.

The success of the campaign did, however, entice around 200 NAFO members to sign up for future anti-Truth Social campaigns, Kenwell tells WIRED.

NAFO is planning to spread pro-Ukraine content on the platform later this month. “The thing is to get the word out in that environment about the realities of what’s happening in Ukraine because, it being a MAGA environment, they are pro-Russia, they’re very anti-Ukraine,” Kenwell says.

Next, the group will take aim at the few advertisers who have decided to pay Trump to sell gold, alternative medicine, and Trump merchandise on his platform.

Kenwell says he has a database of around 50 Truth Social ads queued up and ready to be faked and deployed at once. “So, all of a sudden, it’s just a glut of fake ads,” Kenwell says. “It’s really easy to fake ads on Truth Social … If we can take any ad and get a couple of thousand false versions of that ad running, nobody can really identify what is the original ad anymore and what’s fake.”

While the operation was being conducted by anonymous accounts, the campaign was far from top secret. On X, Kenwell detailed exactly what the group was doing and how new members could join in a thread he called the NAFO Commandos Quick Start Guide.


Though a few of the NAFO accounts have been taken down—including a spoof Russian Embassy account, which was taken down for pretending to be an official government agency—Kenwell says he’s not worried about being kicked off Truth Social.

“We don’t care, because we’d just try again, we’d make new accounts and get back on there again,” Kenwell says. “Anyway, I don’t believe that they have the capability or the personnel to deal with something like this on an ongoing basis.”

Source: Wired

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