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Is ‘OutDaughtered’ Still On? Fans Wonder What’s Happening With the Busby Family’s TLC Show



Will OutDaughtered fans ever get to see more of the Busby family on TLC? New episodes of the Texas family’s reality series haven’t aired since May 2021. Parents Adam and Danielle Busby have said they are taking a break from filming, but that hasn’t stopped viewers from wondering when – or if – they’ll ever return to TV. Now, a new social media post from Adam has some speculating that more episodes of OutDaughtered could be in the works. 

The Busby family took a break from filming ‘OutDaughtered’ 

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Earlier this year, Adam and Danielle – who have six daughters, including a set of quintuplets – revealed that they’d decided to step away from OutDaughtered for a time. 

“We chose … to take a year off, in order to give our family some time off,’ Adam commented on Instagram back in March.  

But they were careful to stress that the show had not been canceled and that they were keeping the door open to a possible return to TLC. 


“We’re kind of keeping things open,” Adam explained a video shared on YouTube in July. “There’s no hard feelings or animosity between us and the network or production.”

“We’re still in talks with the network and communicate with them,” he added. 

Adam Busby shares an intriguing Instagram post

Adam Busby and Danielle Busby of ‘OutDaughtered’ | It’s a Buzz World via YouTube

Since sharing the news that they were taking a break from filming, both Adam and Danielle have kept quiet about the future of OutDaughtered. But a recent Instagram update from Adam suggests something new is in the works for the family. 

On Dec. 4, he shared a photo of his daughter Ava holding a professional video camera. 

“No YouTube video this weekend, because Ava(well…and the rest of us) has been working on something special for you guys,” he wrote. “Make sure you go subscribe and enable notification on our “[I[t’s a Buzzworld” YouTube channel, so you don’t miss anything we have been working on!”

Fans speculate the Busby family could be returning to TV 

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Adam’s update had OutDaughtered fans buzzing about what special surprise the Busbys have up their sleeve. Several had their fingers crossed that the family’s self-imposed exile from TLC might be coming to an end. 

“I really hope OutDaughtered is back! I love your YouTube channel, but I miss seeing you guys on tv,” one person replied. 

“I have a feeling OutDaughtered is coming back, maybe for a special or something. That’s a TV camera…,” someone else wrote. 

“Please tell me she’s holding that camera because y’all are coming back to my tv screen,” another fan chimed in. 

For now, Busby family followers will have to wait and see what’s next for the family of eight. In the meantime, they can catch up on the previous nine seasons of OutDaughtered, which are streaming on discovery+. 

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