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Istanbul University Medical Faculty’s new campus set to open in 2024



The first phase of construction of Istanbul University Medical Faculty’s new campus, planned as one of the significant healthcare bases in Türkiye, is foreseen to be completed in 2024, the faculty dean noted in an interview on Tuesday.

Discussing the ongoing studies and works conducted on the Hasdal campus, Professor Dr. Tufan Tükek, dean of the Medical Faculty, stated in his interview with Ihlas News Agency (IHA) that the opening of the building units whose construction has been completed in the well-known Çapa campus is scheduled for June. In contrast, the completion of the first phase of work on the new campus can be expected as of the following year.

“It is a huge project with 1,600 beds. We will have completed the first phase in the next year and we (plan) to start serving one portion of the Çapa campus within the new location. In addition, nearly 800 seismic isolators have been installed, and we have implemented a structure that we think could serve a great (purpose) in the expected earthquake in Istanbul,” he said.

Professor Dr. Tufan Tükek poses during his interview, in front of the construction area of the new campus, Istanbul, Türkiye, May 30, 2023. (IHA Photo)

According to the reports, the building complex, which contains many seismic isolators against earthquakes, will be a place of education and healing once it is put into service. In addition, the large complex near the metro station will serve the students and the citizens with transport flexibility.

Elaborating on the details of the project, Tükek said that the new area for constructing the campus belonging to their medical faculty was determined after the moderate earthquake that struck Istanbul in 2019.

“A rapid action plan was implemented, especially with the support of our president, and a place in Hasdal, which was once used by the military, was reserved for the construction of the Istanbul University Istanbul Medical Faculty campus,” he explained.

“We are focusing on the details of the project, which is planned as a three-phase or even four-phase project if needed,” Tükek noted, pointing out that the first phase consists of constructing the “A block” and two tall towers, whereas upon their completion, two more blocs would be added during the second phase.

“In the following years, nuclear medicine, basic medical sciences buildings, and the area required for proton therapy will be built here,” he explained, noting that at the moment, many patients go abroad for procedures relating to proton therapy since it is not available in Türkiye.

“After these stages are completed, a large campus area of Istanbul Medical Faculty will be built here. Student areas, classrooms and education units will be built later,” he added.

Reiterating that the renovation in the Çapa campus continues at full speed, Tükek noted that procedures in departments such as dermatology, internal medicine, cardiology and psychiatry would continue in the old campus while the new Hasdal campus would provide services in general hospital departments, oncology and upon the completion of the third phase, in the fields of nuclear medicine, radiology and even proton therapy units.


Tükek also noted that the closed area of the complex spans a surface of some 750,000 square meters (approximately 8.1 million square feet), while it’s planned that this figure will extend to 1 million-1.5 million square meters once the third and fourth phases are completed.

“Regarding hospital management, our country has taken a great leap forward in recent years when considering city hospitals and other education and research hospitals. We also know that Istanbul University is a world brand and we will do our best to keep it as a world brand and to rise even more,” he concluded.

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Source: Daily Sabah

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