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'It's a huge mess in there': Pasco dry cleaning business that abruptly closed under investigation



PASCO COUNTY, Fla. (WFLA) – Customers tell 8 On Your Side one Pasco County dry cleaning business has left them out to dry. On Thursday afternoon, deputies were there investigating.

1.99 Cleaners in Land O’ Lakes closed abruptly without notifying customers.

“I came one week, dropped off some clothes and then waited a couple more weeks and they were still having issues with my first set wasn’t ready, but I dropped off my second set,” said Leonar Trice Senior, customer.

When Trice returned to the business, he realized he wasn’t getting his clothing back. The closure has prompted the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office to launch an investigation.

“It’s a huge mess in there. Even I, you know I worked here for five years,” said a former employee who did not want to be identified. “I don’t know where to start in there.”

The former employee said she returned on Thursday to help investigators with opening the register.


“Back in May or so there was stuff from January or February, some of the order was done but there was stuff missing,” she said.

The employee said there were staffing issues. 8 On Your Side has not been able to reach the owner. As customers impatiently wait to pick up their belongings, investigators are combing through clothing racks.

“We’ve all paid for our clothes to be serviced and now that we can’t get our clothing back it’s kind of bad it’s kind of like a double hit,” said Trice.

The sheriff’s office has launched a website asking you were a customer with clothing to provide your contact information.

The 1.99 Cleaner’s phone and website have been deactivated. 8 On Your Side has not been able to reach the owner.

Source: WFLA


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