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James Kennedy From ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Raps ‘Sandoval’s a Liar’



Vanderpump Rules star James Kennedy has had a front-row seat to all the drama around co-stars Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss. Kennedy was engaged to Leviss once upon a time, and the TV star-turned-DJ shared his thoughts on “Scandoval” following the news breaking.

James Kennedy co-stars with Raquel Leviss and Tom Sandoval on ‘Vanderpump Rules’

For years, Vanderpump Rules‘ Tom Sandoval was in a relationship with co-star Ariana Madix. At the same time, fellow VPR star Raquel Leviss was apparently getting closer to co-star Tom Schwartz, the ex-husband of VPR‘s Katie Maloney. James Kennedy, Leviss’ ex, shared his concern with Leviss’ apparent canoodling with other men in a March 2023 episode of Vanderpump Rules.

“Raquel is not only f***ing up what I have going on, but she is f***ing up everyone’s relationships,” he said. “She is trying to make out with [Tom] Schwartz and Katie [Maloney] isn’t happy about that. Her and Lala [Kent] in Vegas were toxic as f*** and because she is ‘perfect’ there are no consequences to her actions.”

“Everyone wants to point the finger at me but let’s point the finger at her for a second,” he added.

James Kennedy rapped that Tom Sandoval is a ‘liar’

Kennedy is a DJ in addition to being a reality TV star. In the wake of Tom Sandoval’s affair with Raquel Leviss coming to light, Kennedy decided to have fun with the situation while behind the decks.


A video shared by a fan on Instagram gives a look into how he did it. While playing PinkPantheress and Ice Spice’s hit single “Boy’s a Liar, Pt. 2”, he grabbed the mic and repeatedly rapped, “Sandoval’s a liar.”

James Kennedy’s music career

In addition to being a DJ, Kennedy is also a recording artist himself. In a March 2023 interview with Showbiz Cheat Sheet, he vowed to stand up for Ariana Madix in the wake of the cheating scandal.

“Maybe I’ll do a little performance in honor of Ariana,” he said. “I miss getting in the studio. Maybe we’ve got to do the track again.”

He added that he wouldn’t mind doing “a revenge track” in honor of her. “I’m definitely not opposed to it because it’s music. It’s all in the good of music,” he said. “I’m a rapper, so it’s in the nature of the roots.”

James Kennedy’s relationship with Raquel Leviss

As for how Kennedy feels about his ex being the source of so much drama coming to light, he reportedly feels “vindicated” by the news.

“James is loving every second of this and relishing in it. He was always known as the bad guy in their relationship, and he feels vindicated now,” a source told Entertainment Tonight of his thoughts. “He was confused as to why Raquel stayed on the show after they broke up since she was a character through him. James always thought it was suspicious and didn’t know what her motive was. He felt like he was being used as a jumping-off point for her to get famous.”


“James knows he made mistakes in their relationship and that he wasn’t always the best boyfriend or fiancé, and he’s not denying that, but he is glad the world can see that she is not an innocent victim,” the source added. “All the girls were rooting for Raquel to have her single girl era after her breakup with James and rallying around her and they are so disgusted and disappointed by her and Tom.”

Source: Cheat Sheet

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