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Jenelle Evans’ Sister Calls David Eason Separation a Publicity Stunt



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Jenelle Evans’ sister, Ashleigh, feels fairly certain that her sister’s current marital strife is all for show. She called the split a stunt in a recent interview.

Teen Mom 2 fans aren’t the only ones who believe David Eason and Jenelle Evans’ rumored separation is just for show. Neither Evans nor Eason have confirmed a split. Still, insiders are claiming the former TV personality kicked her husband and his daughter from a previous relationship out of her North Carolina home. Now, Evans’ sister insists that if Eason is out of the house, it’s a publicity stunt and nothing more. 

Ashleigh Evans thinks Jenelle Evans and David Eason’s separation is bogus 

Ashleigh Evans, Jenelle’s older sister, appeared on TikTok after a years-long hiatus from social media. She returned specifically to call her sister out for a string of troubling posts about their mother, Barbara Evans. Now she’s talking to the press. In a recent interview with In Touch, Ashleigh weighed in on Jenelle Evans and David Eason’s rumored split. 

'Teen Mom 2' star Jenelle Evans holding hands with David Eason outdoors

She told the publication that she believes the couple’s alleged separation is a stunt. She went on to predict that they are likely to get back together following Eason’s court date. Eason was charged with child abuse and strangulation months ago. The charges stem from an October 2023 incident involving Evans’ eldest child, Jace Evans. It is unclear when Eason will be in court next. 

Ashleigh Evans also spoke about her sister’s ability to parent her three children. She told the publication that because of her “toxic behavior,” she’s not capable of caring for her children on her own. Ashleigh doesn’t seem to have anything kind to say about Eason, either. Still, she’s not putting Jenelle’s current struggles all on him. Ashleigh said the former reality TV star had always been toxic, even before she met Eason. 


The sisters do not have a relationship 

This is not the first time Ashleigh Evans has spoken out against her sister, and Jenelle Evans has had plenty to say about her extended family as well. As it stands, The Evans sisters don’t have a relationship. They have been estranged for nearly a decade. 

Earlier this month, Ashleigh Evans returned to social media to speak out against Jenelle, claiming she was run off social media years earlier because of her association with the former Teen Mom 2 star. She went on to call Jenelle a liar and say she is “embarrassed” to be related to her. 

Jenelle Evans and Barbara Evans are seen on August 30, 2015 in Los Angeles, California.

Jenelle clapped back days later, claiming Ashleigh was “jealous” of her. It is not the first time Jenelle has claimed her older sister is jealous of her. In her recent retort, Jenelle claims Ashleigh is jealous of her life, including her reality TV stardom and her alleged popularity as a high school student more than a decade earlier. 

While Barbara Evans appears to be at the center of the sisters’ latest battle, the 70-year-old is staying out of it for now. Barbara maintains a low profile on social media and has not spoken to the media since August 2023. Still, Teen Mom 2 fans are hoping she’ll eventually weigh in. 

Source: Cheat Sheet


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