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Josh Duggar Has Had a Change to His Prison Release Date Once Again



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Josh Duggar is currently sitting inside a federal prison, and that’s where he’ll be staying for the next nine years. Despite a failed appeal, his release date has changed once again. That’s not all that abnormal, though.

A lot is happening in the Duggar family right now. Both Jill Dillard and Jinger Vuolo have released books. Joy-Anna Forsyth has condemned the IBLP, and Jim Bob Duggar is reportedly fuming after Jill exposed the IBLP in her book and an Amazon Docuseries. Things are changing for convicted felon Josh Duggar, too. According to court records, Josh Duggar’s prison release date has been moved yet again. 

The convicted felon had his release date changed after a behavioral issue, claim sources 

While Josh Duggar is locked away at FCI Seagoville, news about the sexual predator is still leaking to the public. In May, rumors began to swirl that Joshua Duggar was moved to solitary confinement because of a behavioral infraction. According to alleged sources, correctional officers caught the father of seven with a cell phone. 

While no one working inside FCI Seagoville has confirmed the rumor, Josh Duggar’s prison release date was mysteriously changed shortly after the contraband rumors began to swirl. Originally, Josh was set to be released from prison in August 2032. Following the alleged incident, his release date was moved to Oct. 10, 2032, tacking on two months to the already lengthy prison term. 


Cell phones are the most common form of contraband found inside federal prisons. The use of unauthorized electronic devices inside prisons poses a significant security risk. For someone like Josh, whose eventual probation terms will require him to stay off of the internet, it’s a particularly egregious offense. 

Still, it seems Josh has been staying out of trouble following his visit to the SHU. His release date has actually been moved up an entire week. Now, he is slated to be released on Oct. 2, 2032. 

Exactly how much of his prison term will Josh Duggar serve? 

A jury convicted Josh Duggar, but Judge Timothy L. Brooks handed down his sentence. In May 2022, Judge Brooks sentenced Josh to 151 months behind bars. The months he spent in a Washington County detention center while he awaited sentencing were credited toward his term. You may have noticed that his current release date suggests he won’t be serving his entire sentence. 

Josh was convicted in December 2021. If he were to complete his entire sentence, he would not be eligible for release until the Summer of 2034. As long as there aren’t any more changes, Josh will serve 130 months behind bars. According to several sources, a federal inmate must serve 85% of their sentence. 130 months is roughly 86% of the initial sentence. 

He is still planning to appeal his conviction 

While Josh Duggar’s release date has been changed once again, he isn’t interested in just waiting out his sentencing. According to several reports, Josh plans to continue appealing his conviction. His lawyer, Justin Gelfand, filed paperwork to appeal the sentence immediately after the verdict was read, but the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals only ruled on the issue in August 2023. 


According to CNN, the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals struck down Josh’s request for a new trial. The court agreed with the prosecution that Josh Duggar’s rights were not violated. The court also denied Josh’s assertion that he was not allowed to mount a vigorous defense. Further appeals are possible, but it seems unlikely he’ll be granted a new trial. 

Source: Cheat Sheet

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