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Julia Fox’s NYC Home Is Surprisingly Underwhelming as She Admits She’ll ‘Get Roasted’ for Her Apartment Tour



Julia Fox made her feature film debut in 2019 in Uncut Gems, playing a showroom saleswoman and mistress of the show’s protagonist (Adam Sandler). Before that, she worked as a model, painter, photographer, and even clothing designer.

Fox has been busy since Uncut Gems premiered, both with writing and directing the short film Fantasy Girls and starring in the drama Puppet. Recently, Fox started making the headlines for something other than acting and modeling — and it isn’t her short-lived romance with Kanye West.

The 33-year-old just posted an apartment tour video on her TikTok page, and people can’t believe how humble and small it is.

Julia Fox in 2022 | Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

Julia Fox’s net worth 

Fox was recently listed as having a net worth of $30 million, but she quickly debunked that rumor, swearing she’s “not even close,” according to Cosmopolitan. That being said, between her role in Uncut Gems, past career, and current projects, it’s safe to say she has some money. So why would Fox choose to live in a shoebox apartment in New York?

In her TikTok video, Fox admits she doesn’t like “excessive displays of wealth.” Her attitude is a far cry from most celebrities, who had no problem showing off their massive mansions on MTV’s Cribs

Julia Fox’s cringy but relatable apartment tour 

When Fox starts her video, it’s clear it was done on a whim. She’s wearing an oversized t-shirt, and the apartment is cluttered and messy. But that’s exactly why she did it. She wanted her fans to see what her life looked like,


“Hopefully, someone can watch this and be like, ‘OK, maybe I’m not doing so bad,’” Fox says with a laugh after admitting she knows she’s about to be “roasted” for her video.

Fox takes us to her living room, which is also her bedroom. A queen-sized bed with no headboard is pressed against the wall, and the closet-sized bedroom next to it has been turned into a play area for Valentino, her toddler son. Valentino also has his own bedroom, which is well-decorated and charming, but also small and cluttered.

The apartment tour is a testament to how much she loves her son. In addition to the bedroom-turned-playroom, Valentino has a small play kitchen set up next to the actual kitchen, and his toys and clothes litter the long hallway. Fox also admits her son prefers to co-sleep with her instead of in his own room. 

From the towels and cosmetics piled up in the bathroom to the shoe boxes in the kitchen (normal for New York City, Fox assures us), her apartment is every bit as relatable as she’s hoping it will be. The only true cringy part comes at the end, where Fox admits they have a mouse problem. That’s pretty standard for New York, but it isn’t pleasant.

Fox defends her humble abode 

Fox has received some backlash for her small, cluttered apartment, just like she knew she would. First, she revealed her sentimental attachment to her apartment, since it’s the first place she brought her son from the hospital.

Fox loves having a sense of normalcy for Valentino, adding that she wants him to be in touch with the real world. Props to her for keeping it real.


Source: Cheat Sheet

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