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Just Stop Oil yobs ‘could be stripped of driving licences’



Just Stop Oil yobs could be stripped of driving licences ‘to give them a taste of their own medicine’

Just Stop Oil activists could be stripped of driving licences under a new crackdown, it was revealed today.


Judges could be given new powers to suspend motoring rights for those who breach public order laws.

The plans come amid mounting fury at protests by the environmental group, including slow-walking on major roads to bring traffic to a standstill. 

Yesterday activists tried to blockade Parliament Square, and last week the England cricket team’s bus was obstructed in the capital. 

It is understood the mooted policy could be used against anyone who breaks public order legislation.

However, ministers hope it will be targeted at environmental zealots.

Just Stop Oil protesters carry out a slow march in Parliament Square yesterday 

A government source said: ‘These hypocritical eco zealots would hate to get a taste of their own medicine.

‘If their own journeys were kiboshed, they might think twice about disrupting everyone else’s lives.’ 


There has been anger at the lack of a strong police response to such actions, with officers accused of being firmer against frustrated drivers trying to get demonstrators to shift. 

Tory MP Brendan Clarke-Smith told The Sun: ‘Taking away licences from Just Stop Oil clowns would go some way to stop them driving ordinary Brits round the bend.’ 

The law has already been changed to enable officers to act ‘immediately’ to get protesters out of the road or arrest them.  

The recently-passed Public Order Act included new offences for locking-on and being equipped for locking-on, causing serious disruption by tunnelling, and obstructing transport works.

Activists from the group were out in central London again last week

Activists from the group were out in central London again last week


Source: Daily Mail

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