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Kate Middleton Never Breaks These 7 Beauty Rules



In the world of royal fashion and beauty, the Princess of Wales, Kate Middleton, stands out for her impeccable adherence to the high standards set by the monarchy. 

Professional makeup artist Saffron Hughes at False Eyelashes emphasizes the significance of dress codes and etiquette in the royal family. She particularly admires Kate’s skill in adhering to these standards, all while keeping her elegant beauty style intact.

The future Queen Catherine’s beauty regime is a blend of tradition and personal style, reflecting her unique position within the royal family. Her commitment to certain beauty rules showcases not only her respect for royal protocol but also her understanding of how to present herself gracefully under public scrutiny.

Kate Middleton avoids bright lip colors

Royal protocol typically steers clear of bright lipstick due to its tendency to cause mishaps like staining clothes or teeth or overpowering the face. Kate generally follows this rule, but it’s not strictly adhered to by all royals.

Queen Elizabeth, for instance, had a personalized bright pink lipstick, and Princess Anne is often seen sporting a striking red lip, even at official events, bending the traditional rules.

Natural makeup is key for this royal family member

Kate’s approach to face makeup embraces a natural, effortless look. She achieves this with glowing skin, thick, well-groomed brows, and rosy pink cheeks, creating a radiant appearance for most occasions. 


However, for more glamorous events, such as red carpet appearances, she sometimes opts for a more dramatic smoky eye look. This adds a touch of sophistication to her otherwise understated makeup style.

The Princess of Wales chooses makeup that lasts

Kate is a master at ensuring her makeup remains perfect throughout long royal engagements. She prepares with emergency makeup but hardly ever needs it, adhering to the royal custom of not retouching her makeup in public. 

Instead, Kate relies on high-quality, long-lasting setting sprays and primers to keep her look fresh and impeccable. Her approach is a necessity given the length of many royal events.

Kate Middleton always looks polished

Kate is renowned for her consistently well-groomed appearance, a key aspect of the royal presentation. Being one of the most photographed individuals worldwide, she rarely steps out without makeup and is often seen with her hair perfectly styled. 

The Princess of Wales’ commitment to looking polished was notably evident when she appeared impeccably styled just hours after giving birth, showcasing her dedication to royal standards.


Princess Kate manages her hair neatly

Kate’s hair is always styled neatly, often seen in a sleek blowout. While she occasionally has a few stray gray hairs, they’re quickly taken care of. 

Royal protocol dictates natural-looking hair colors, and Kate meticulously follows this, choosing shades within two of her natural mahogany brown. Regular appointments keep any grays covered and ensure her hair remains glossy and well-maintained, fitting the royal image.

The Princess of Wales is subtle when it comes to eye makeup

For daily royal engagements and casual affairs, Kate prefers light and natural eye makeup. She actively avoids heavy eye makeup as it can smudge and look untidy as the day progresses. 

Instead, Kate opts for subtle touches like eyeliner on the outer corners of her lower lashes, a sweep of matte brown eyeshadow, and a coat of mascara. This approach enhances her eyes while maintaining a bright, approachable look.

Soft contouring is key to Kate Middleton’s look

Kate has discovered the secret to a youthful, glowing look without heavy contouring. Royal makeup rules discourage excessive makeup, including heavy contouring. 

Instead, she uses a dewy foundation and a touch of liquid highlighter to subtly accentuate her cheekbones. This method provides a soft, natural enhancement of her features, in line with the royal preference for more understated makeup styles.


Source: Cheat Sheet

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