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Kate Middleton Shows ‘Bittersweet Emotions’ About Motherhood in New Photos With Her Children, Body Language Expert Says



Prince William and Kate Middleton shared new photos of Kate posing with their children, George, Charlotte, and Louis, to celebrate Mother’s Day. A body language expert provided her analysis of the Princess of Wales, believing Kate showed some “bittersweet feelings” about motherhood in the pics.

Prince William and Kate Middleton shared sweet new photos for Mother’s Day

On March 19, the Prince and Princess of Wales posted the photos on their Instagram account. Kate is seen perched in a tree with her three children as they all smile. In another image, Kate cradles Louis in her arms. They captioned the post, “Happy Mother’s Day from our family to yours.”

Body language expert Judi James looked at Kate’s expression and gestures in the photos and told FEMAIL that the Princess of Wales conveyed “bittersweet” feelings about motherhood in the images.

“It’s the children that have adopted the more protective-looking poses around [Kate],” James said. “Charlotte’s mimicry of her mother’s pose suggests she sees Kate very much as her role-model.”

She continued, “George leans in with his torso, which is slightly in front of Kate’s, and the way he puts his leg out in front of her hints at a desire to protect.”

James added, “Even little Louis seems to want to show how much he cherishes and protects his mum. Sitting with a proud smile, he has stretched one arm out across Kate’s torso, with his hand on her knee.”


The tree photo is symbolic, expert says

The body language expert pointed out the significance of the tree imagery as a symbol of “strength and continuity” with Kate looking like “one of the team” seated among her kids.

She noted, “[Kate’s] body language is all about integration and joining in the play as one of them, rather than a parent invading their private space.”

James said the symbol also reflects how the family is “branching out” as their kids get older.

Expert says Kate looked ‘bittersweet’ in the photo with Prince Louis

The second photo of Kate holding Louis also revealed her feelings about motherhood, the body language expert said.

“This pose shows Kate fully back in ‘mum’ role again, cradling Louis in her arms and looking down with a warm, loving and caring smile that seems to encapsulate the emotional side of being a mother,” James explained.

The Princess of Wales’ body language conveyed a bit of sadness about her youngest child growing up, the expert noted. “Louis was always the child she tended to carry around the most when he was a baby,” James said.

She continued, “Although she clearly cherishes the way he is growing up to be confident, spontaneous and playful, this pose suggests there is also some bittersweet emotions about losing that constant mother/baby contact.”


James added, “If he is going to be her last child, these feelings of sadness mixed with love could be magnified for her, too.”

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