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Kate Middleton’s Surgery Secret Exposed in King Charles Video



A video of King Charles reading guest-well cards from his subjects reveals more than the royal family bargained for. The clip also exposes Kate Middleton’s surgery secret, claims a royal commentator.

A secret regarding Kate Middleton’s surgery was exposed in King Charles’ video

The royal family shared a video to Instagram of King Charles reading a “wide selection” of get-well cards and wishes. Its caption reads, “Since the king’s cancer diagnosis was announced, His Majesty has received thousands of messages of support and good wishes from around the world. The king has since had a chance to read a wide selection of this correspondence.”

It continues, “Thank you to all those who have written in. As His Majesty has said, ‘All those who have been affected by cancer will know such kind thoughts are the greatest comfort and encouragement.’”

However, one royal commentator believes a surgery secret regarding Kate Middleton hidden within the clip. The Princess of Wales remains out of sight. Whereas Charles managed to quell fears by releasing a good-hearted video clip. This leaves royal watchers to believe Kate’s condition was more serious than believed.

She questioned, “Why aren’t we seeing the iPhone prodigies of Team Wales making some sort of perky offering showing Kate at home doing high-quality princessing? We could see her on a Zoom call with her Early Years board.”

“Maybe her studying some nice thick new bits of academic research on child development with a serious brow and highlighter in hand. Or doing a chummy video call with one of the key patronages.”


Elser continued, “It would let the UK know that even though Kate might be tucked away, she was still toiling on in the nation’s interest. And remained as committed as ever to capital ‘D’ Duty. Instead, the palace has gone entirely dark on the matter of Kate, which we have never seen before.”

Will Kate Middleton go public any time ahead of her scheduled royal return?

Daniela Elser shared her thoughts regarding Kate Middleton’s public return for She asks, “If Charles, battling cancer, can be wheeled out by the palace comms team for an occasional stalwart social media outing and can let the cameras film him meeting with Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, why aren’t we seeing anything of Kate?”

At the time of Elser’s commentary, Kate Middleton had been out of the public spotlight for 29 days. If she returns to public life, she will have been out of the sight for 114 days.

She wrote that she will miss several high-profile royal family events between now and Kate’s scheduled return to work. These include St David’s Day on March 1, the Commonwealth Day Service in Westminster Abbey on March 11. And, presenting shamrocks to the Irish Guards to mark St Patrick’s Day on March 17.

“All of these would be prime opportunities for her to send a message of support,” Elser writes. She asks, “So, will we see her at all?”

Would Kate Middleton have been allowed to recuperate this long if Queen Elizabeth were still in charge?

It is doubtful that Kate Middleton would have been allowed such a long recuperation time had Queen Elizabeth still been in charge of the royal family. The Princess of Wales would have likely been made to release a message to quell any negative rumors surrounding her recovery.

Daniela Elser believes that the queen set an example of royal protocol several days before she died in 2022. She wrote, “Two days before the late Queen died, she presided over the exit of outgoing PM Boris ‘Johnson and the installation of Liz Truss. I wonder, would Kate take this long off if the nonagenarian stalwart was still in charge?”

Kate Middleton is scheduled to return to royal life in April 2024. King Charles continues his cancer treatment.


Source: Cheat Sheet

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