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Kensington Palace Gives Brief Update on Kate Middleton’s Illness



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Kate Middleton has been recovering from abdominal surgery since mid-January and likely won’t return to royal duties until after Easter; Kensington Palace just gave a brief update.

The royal family has not said much about Kate Middleton since first revealing her “planned abdominal surgery” back in mid-January 2024. The Princess of Wales spent nearly two weeks in the hospital at the time before being released to continue her recovery at home. Buckingham Palace was the one to make the official announcements regarding Kate’s health, and it was noted that the princess would be out of royal duties until after Easter.

Now, though, Kensington Palace gave a brief update on Kate’s progress after Prince William pulled out of an appearance at the last minute.

Prince William and Kate Middleton

Kensington Palace gives quick update on Kate Middleton’s health

The update came after William opted not to attend a memorial service for his godfather, Constantine II of Greece, on February 27. The Greek royal died in January 2023, and a service was to be held in honor of one year after his death. However, William opted not to attend at the last minute, and Kensington Palace announced that he would pull out of the event. William has been committing to limited royal duties while Kate recovers,

Of course, with that, the palace knew there would be speculation surrounding whether William’s last-minute decision had anything to do with Kate’s health. According to Express, the palace did not say much but quickly touched on Kate’s health, saying that she continues to do well.


It’s possible the two things were related, though it doesn’t necessarily mean anything is wrong with the princess; she must have just needed a little extra care that day. It’s also possible it had nothing to do with Kate. Camilla Parker Bowles ended up attending the event by herself, as King Charles missed it as well.

Prince William and Kate Middleton

Prince William continues to have a limited royal schedule

William is still moving along with his royal duties and appearances, though he’s been operating on a more limited schedule while Kate recovers. The palace has not yet said exactly what was wrong with the princess, and they will likely keep it under wraps at least until she is fully recovered.

William has attended a number of events during Kate’s recovery, including a recent appearance at the BAFTA Awards, but he continues to put his family first. The prince took some time off in mid-February while Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis were home for winter break. Right now, the princess won’t return to royal duties until after March 31, though she does not have a scheduled return date. It remains unclear if people will see her at the royals’ Easter Sunday service, though it could depend on how she progresses over the next month

Source: Cheat Sheet

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