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King Charles Calls on Royal Family’s ‘Secret Weapon’ to Sort out Prince Harry Problem



After meeting with Prince Harry for less than one-half hour in early February 2024, King Charles is reportedly rolling out the royal family‘s “secret weapon” to handle lingering issues with his second son. He is hopeful the no-nonsense attitude of his sister, Princess Anne, will end the drama once and for all.

King Charles believes Princess Anne is his Prince Harry ‘secret weapon’

King Charles continues to deal with the fallout regarding Prince Harry’s exit from royal duties. Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle, stepped back from their senior royal roles almost four years ago, but are seemingly trying to get back into the family’s good graces.

As reported by Express, columnist Sarah Vine believes Princess Anne is the key to solving the family’s Prince Harry “problem.” Vine said, “I think she’s [Princess Anne] the answer to all the royal family’s problems. The Princess Royal has been previously called the royal family’s ‘secret weapon’ due to her commitment and devotion to the crown and her ‘no-nonsense’ approach.”

She continued, “I think we should send Princess Anne to deal with Harry and Meghan. Because if you got a call from Princess Anne, you’d sit up jolly straight. If I were the King, I’d say, ‘Anne, please just go and deal with them.’”

Prince Harry continues to make waves with the royal family

Prince Harry continues to make waves with the royal family. Over four years, he and his wife Meghan Markle have spoken openly about their displeasure with the House of Windsor in interviews, magazine interviews, and the pages of Harry’s book Spare.

Harry and Meghan recently came under fire for launching their website. The site’s landing page features Meghan’s royal coat of arms.


Also, in mid-2023, the couple announced they were using royal titles for their children. After that, their son Archie became Prince Archie, and their daughter Lilibet became Princess Lilibet. They both have the surname of Windsor.

But will Princess Anne be the royal who could reunite the broken House of Windsor? She reportedly always had a “soft spot” for her brother’s second son.

Princess Anne and Prince Harry reportedly had a close relationship

Royal writer Kate Mansey discussed the close relationship between Princess Anne and Prince Harry for The Daily Mail. She claims, “Many may not realize that Anne seemed to have a soft spot for Prince Harry from the beginning, especially when he lost his mother at such a young age.”

Mansey quoted a royal insider who said, “The Princess Royal has always had a soft spot for Harry, and they both have a wicked sense of humor. People talk about Prince Andrew being the spare, but Anne was the second-born, too.”

The insider continued, “Since Diana died, Anne has always felt a duty to support her nephew. Anne and Harry have a great sense of humor and more in common than it might seem.”

Ironically, Anne was also one of the few senior royals not mentioned in Harry’s autobiography, Spare. Mansey wrote, “She was one of the few members of the Royal family who wasn’t targeted in Prince Harry’s excoriating take down.”


Neither King Charles, Prince Harry, nor Princess Anne has publicly commented on their relationship. Nor has the royal family revealed if Princess Anne will try to intervene between King Charles and Prince Harry.

Source: Cheat Sheet

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