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Leverkusen: man hit by bus – danger to life!



Leverkusen – The impact was so severe that the bus window shattered. A man is in mortal danger.

In a serious traffic accident on Wednesday evening in Leverkusen-Rheindorf, a pedestrian was hit by a bus and critically injured.

According to the police, the bus driver (35) turned left from Netzestrasse into Solinger Strasse around 5:15 p.m. when he collided with the man who wanted to cross the road from Solinger Strasse at a pedestrian ford in the direction of Netzestrasse.

“Rescuing workers took the man, who has not yet been identified, to a clinic under resuscitation measures. Traffic Commissariat 2 has started investigating the background,” said the police.


The traffic accident recording team of the Cologne police is on duty and secures tracks. Police will block the intersection while the accident is being investigated. (ots/jk)

Source: Asia Times

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