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‘Little People, Big World’: Amy Roloff ‘Never Wanted to Have Anything to Do With’ Caryn Chandler, She Says



TLC’s Little People, Big World is back with season 25, and fans have a lot of Roloff family news to catch up on. This season, Matt Roloff and Caryn Chandler get engaged, and Amy Roloff talks to Matt about the future of Roloff Farms. Amy and Caryn notoriously didn’t get along in the past. And Amy recently said that she doesn’t want “anything to do with” Caryn or Matt.

‘Little People, Big World’ Season 25 star Amy Roloff says she ‘never wanted to have anything to do with’ Caryn Chandler

Little People, Big World Season 25 shows Matt and Amy Roloff living separate lives. Amy moved off of Roloff Farms after the divorce from Matt, and she and her husband, Chris Marek, are continuing their new chapter together as a happy couple. As for Matt, season 25 shows his and Caryn Chandler’s engagement. Amy recently explained what her relationship with Caryn is like now.

“We’re cordial, we’re respectful,” Amy told Us Weekly. “We can be in each other’s company. We can enjoy that time. I wouldn’t say we’re going to be best friends or anything.”

While Amy and Caryn are amicable now, it wasn’t always that way. Filming with her right after the divorce from Matt proved difficult for Amy. “I never wanted to have anything to do with them, but yet I’m still doing a show with them,” Amy added. “But, that is like a job. So, time changes things, and you grow up, or you have a different perspective on it.”

Chris added that Amy’s relationship with Caryn has dramatically improved over time, and Amy still talks to Matt a few times a month over the phone. “They have good conversations, so it’s definitely gotten a lot better since I’ve known them,” Chris said.


Amy Roloff doesn’t love Chris Marek’s friendship with Matt Roloff

Little People, Big World Season 25 shows Chris Marek and Matt Roloff’s unlikely friendship. The two have been friends for years. A clip from the season shows Chris and Amy talking about it.

“I’m glad that Amy is getting more comfortable with Matt and I,” Chris tells the cameras in a clip posted to Instagram.

“I swallow it,” Amy says.

“OK,” Chris says with a chuckle. “I’m glad Amy could choke it down. When Matt and I get together, she knows it’s safe. We’re not talking about Amy. No one’s throwing her under the bus.”

Chris tells Amy that while he and Matt rarely mention her, some “relationship stuff” occasionally comes up. More recently, Chris and Matt discussed their irritation with Amy leaving doors and drawers open “for no reason.”

She said the show is ‘constantly’ about ‘family’

Little People, Big World Season 25 won’t show Amy Roloff’s blossoming friendship with Caryn Chandler. However, Amy acknowledges that the show is all about family dynamics, and showing how she and Matt Roloff can still come together is important.


“The thing I remind all my kids, and I think what our show is constantly about, is family,” Amy told Us Weekly. “You go through roller coaster rides, whether you hate the other person or you’re very angry and upset at your parents and stuff.”

She added that she hopes Zach Roloff’s relationship with Matt will improve over time. “Put it in a different context where you can deal with it and appreciate it,” she said of their conflict. “It’s never going to be the same. It’ll be different, but put it in that different thing where we’re still going to get together for families, which we do. We still get together for other things, and it’s about family.”

Little People, Big World Season 25 airs on Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on TLC.

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