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‘Love Is Blind’: Chelsea Blackwell Regrets Megan Fox Comparison



Love Is Blind star Chelsea Blackwell caught some flack for the way she approached her pod partner in the hit Netflix series. Some fans felt she was being manipulative, but Chelsea couldn’t have disagreed more with the take.

This article contains potential spoilers for Love Is Blind season 6

Chelsea Blackwell quickly went viral after just a couple of appearances on Love Is Blind. Like many on the show, the flight attendant tried looking for love without focusing on someone’s physical attractiveness. This led to her being in, not only a love triangle, but a love square. Two other contestants, Jimmy and Trevor, began pining over Chelsea. Likewise, as Chelsea began to develop feelings for Jimmy, she was aware that Jimmy was also heavily interested in Jessica Vestal.

As Chelsea and Jimmy got to know each other in the pods, Chelsea asked Jimmy if he’d ever been compared to a celebrity. After his answer, Chelsea revealed that she’d been compared to Jennifer’s Body star Megan Fox on more than one occasion. However, she added a disclaimer that the comparison was mostly because she had brunette hair, and even she seemed to think little of it.

Many viewers watching the series felt Chelsea was being manipulative, intentionally tampering with Jimmy’s expectations. In the end, Jimmy chose Chelsea over Jessica, and some believed it was the Megan Fox comparison that tilted the odds in Chelsea’s favor. After meeting each other for the first time, Jimmy quipped that Chelsea even lied to him, but it didn’t matter. He still found Chelsea attractive and vice-versa.


With Chelsea hinting at her physical appearance, it’s easy to see why viewers felt doing so contradicted the very concept of Love Is Blind. But Chelsea asserted that she had no ulterior motives behind the Megan Fox comment, and that she was just having fun with her future husband.

“I wasn’t trying to be manipulative by any means,” she said according to Entertainment Tonight. “You have to understand, we are on these dates for 4+ hours at a time. I wasn’t the only one having silly conversations such as this. Do I regret it? Absolutely. But in no way was I trying to persuade any decision. I am not a vicious person, and I won’t be made out to be.”

Are Jimmy and Chelsea still together?

Although Jimmy and Chelsea are still connected through Instagram, it’s unclear if the two successfully married like past contestants. Them liking each other’s social media posts could be a good sign, however, as it shows they’re at least on speaking terms. But the show also teases some tension in the relationship. In trailers advertising the rest of season 6, an angry Chelsea is shown accusing someone of infidelity.

“I know you f***ed her,” she said.

But it’s not known if she’s talking to Jimmy. To make things more complicated, it’s hinted that audiences might not have seen the last of Jimmy’s second choice Jessica Vestal. But whatever their interaction in the show could be, if any, it didn’t seem to lead to anything long-term. Jessica has even recently claimed she hasn’t spoken to Jimmy at all since their time on the show.

“I said my piece … it’s weird. It was like a flood of emotions. I was heartbroken, but I also had a sense of peace. I knew that it wasn’t meant to be. I think he and I came to that understanding at probably the same time that we weren’t meant for each other. So, no, I never had an afterthought about it,” she told People.


The second half of Love Is Blind may reveal whether or not there was more to Jessica and Jimmy’s story after all.

Source: Cheat Sheet

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