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‘Love Is Blind’: Did Zack Lie About Writing Irina a Song? Listen to the Real Version



The contestants get creative with showing their emotions in the Love Is Blind pods. One of those ways is singing. Zack Goytowski said he wrote a song but is clearing up what happened in his proposal scene.

Zack sings to Irina on ‘Love Is Blind’ Season 4

Season 4 showed multiple men singing to women in the pods. Zack had to decide to move forward with Bliss Poureetezadi or Irina Solomonova in “Is Love Really Blind?” 

He chose Irina and sang to her before proposing. “And I know you would never give up on me, no matter how bad things got,” he said. “So I wrote you a song.”

“I was aching breaking down/The bluest guy/Hey, the blues had found/As we laid in the pods/As we laid in the pods/I knew it was real/My heart, you would steal/You found me all alone/I found myself a Blarney Stone/Irina, you take my blues away/Irina, you take my blues away/I love you/Forever and ever and ever I do,” he sang.

Zack dropped down on one knee and proposed. She said yes.

Did Zack lie about writing Irina a song?


There indeed were lyrics about his experience on Love Is Blind. But some fans noticed the tune and lyrics had another source.

The first lyrics are identical to “Sara’s Song” by Ludo. “I was aching breaking down/The bluest guy/Hey, the blues had found,” is how the song starts. 

After a few more lyrics, the vocalist sings, “You found me all alone/I found myself a Blarney Stone/Sara, you take my blues away/I love you/Forever and ever and ever I do.”

Some people accused Zack of lying . Well, he and the band reacted to the accusation.

“So many of you sending this our way. Thank you! Yes, we know about the show got our permission. Glad to know you guys are looking out for us!” Ludo tweeted with a screenshot of Zack singing. They also shared it on Instagram.

“I absolutely love you guys,” Zack commented on Instagram. “I actually explain that this was not an original song, and that I changed the lyrics to one of my favorite love songs. That was cut along with the rest of the song but a small portion. I also sang love me dead in the pods​​, probably should have sang that at the proposal instead of Sara’s song, and lake Lake Pontchartrain. Our southern cast member @paulpeden appreciated Lake Ponchatrain.”

The band replied, “honestly, we prefer your version.”


Will Zack’s other favorite song make it to ‘Love Is Blind’?

Zack of 'Love Is Blind' Season 4 smiles wearing a blue suit and tie.

Zack’s relationship with Irina didn’t work. He returned to Seattle to see Bliss after the honeymoon. They bonded over a different song in the first episode.

“My favorite song is ‘I Hope You Dance’ by Lee Ann Womack,’” he told her. “That’s, like, my mom’s song for me,” she revealed.

“That’s gonna be my first dance song to whomever I marry,” the lawyer told her. Bliss said she started crying. Zack said his mom had him listen to it.

The following episodes reveal if Bliss will take Zack back. But if she does, there is a chance we might hear “I Hope You Dance” as their song later on the Netflix show.

Source: Cheat Sheet


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