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‘Love Is Blind’: Micah Admits to Immaturity, Talks Growing ‘up From Our Mistakes’



Season 4 doesn’t just have drama between Love Is Blind couples. There were two women who had a lot to say about the other female cast members. Micah Lussier talks about her behavior and blames it on her age.

[Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers from Love Is Blind season 4 Episodes 1 – 5.]

Micah Lussier made fun of Amber Wilder on ‘Love Is Blind’ Season 4 

There were multiple love triangles in season 4’s pods. Micah and Irina Solomonova were involved with their triangles and resorted to commenting about other women who like the same men as them.

Amber Wilder came back with Mardis Gras beads and flowers from her date with Paul Peden. Irina complimented the flowers at first. Micah told Irina those “little things” came from Paul, who she is interested in and Irina called them boring. Irina then called her a loser.

Micah later knew Paul planned to end things with Amber. Amber returned from the pods upset, and Micah asked Irina to listen into Amber’s conversation about it.

Irina laughed when Amber cried about feeling like a “f***ing idiot” for believing Paul. Micah smiled, watching this. Irina stopped listening and ran away laughing when it seemed like she was caught.


Micah blames her behavior on ‘Love Is Blind’ on immaturity

The reality stars were aware their behavior would cause a stir. They talked to Entertainment Weekly to address it and gave a few reasons for their comments.

“For us, it was really helpful to have a little sense of normalcy,” Micah said. “Being able to laugh and make light and make jokes and, well, maybe sometimes the jokes didn’t land or maybe it didn’t look the best, but we needed that in that moment to feel like a normal person. Because you’re a part of this experience that is so beyond words.”

She then reminded fans of their age, saying they are “just people. [She] and I are both in our mid-twenties. We’re just doing the best we can do. We just have to grow up from our mistakes.”

Irina claimed she wanted to be ‘nicer’ on ‘Love Is Blind’

The women knew at the time that their behavior wasn’t right. Chelsea Griffin talked to them after Irina eavesdropped on her conversation with Amber.

“I wanna be nicer,” Irina said. “I’m like not nice at all.”

“Why don’t you then?” Chelsea asked.


“I don’t know,” she replied. “Because I’m like, feeling real emotions, and it’s just like, it’s always a lot, dude.”

“It’s true it is,” Chelsea agreed. “People that talk bad about one another is because they’re not cool with themselves, you know.”

It was very clear later that the other ladies didn’t get along with Irina. Episode 5 showed Irina ending things with Zack Goytowski at the end of their honeymoon. She admitted to him that she had a crush on Paul. So there is even more drama to come with these two ladies.

Source: Cheat Sheet


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