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Magenta makes it possible: The Prussians conquer the screen



Right into the living room at the push of a button. With the start of the new third division season (August 4th to 6th), the “Adlerträger” will also be able to experience a far greater presence on television in the future. Week after week, every league game, nationwide on the telly…

Magenta makes it possible. The Prussians conquer the screen!

From the 2023/2024 season, MagentaSport, Deutsche Telekom’s TV platform, will have full league exclusivity. Initially until 2027. This means: In addition to the live rights for pay TV, it can also broadcast selected matches freely accessible or assign them to so-called free TV partners. It has already been contractually stipulated that at least ten games per championship round will be broadcast free of charge.

Cottbus coach Pele Wollitz during an interview with MagentaSport. Whether he and his energy squad will play third-class next season is still open. The relegation first leg at home against the Unterhaching game association was lost 1:2

Photo: photo booth

In addition, the ARD in their 3rd programs and the ZDF – just like MagentaSport itself – can show the highlights of each match day. The two public broadcasters directly after the final whistle, in a maximum length of 18 minutes. But that’s not all. Sky and DAZN are even allowed to send up to six-minute summaries of each individual game. Both in the pay area and free to receive.


The Prussians, for whom the promotion means about a tripling of their previous television money – from approx. 45,000 euros in the regional league to around 1.3 million in league 3 – are finally back on all channels…

After Bremen transfer hammer! That’s why Keita is moving to Werder!

After Bremen transfer hammer!  That's why Keita is moving to Werder

Source: Twitter@werderbremen

The normal third division match day only extends over three days. From now on there will be no more Monday games. One game will kick off on Friday and another six on Saturday. One of them in the late afternoon or early evening. The other three take place on Sundays. Either from 2 p.m., 4.30 p.m. or even at 7.30 p.m.

As usual, on the last matchday of each season, all ten matches will be played at the same time on Saturday afternoon. As usual, the few weekly game days in the 3rd division are divided into five games each on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings.

Prussian fans, who accompany their Black-White-Greens through the coming football year, but cannot take part in every long away trip – for example to Zwickau, Munich or Regensburg – do not have to miss a minute of the Hildmann squad. Magenta makes it possible…

Prussia's sports director Peter Niemeyer became the proud father of a daughter on Thursday.  he already has two sons

Prussia’s sports director Peter Niemeyer became the proud father of a daughter on Thursday. he already has two sons

Photo: Jan Fromme / firo Sportphoto

● Congratulations to Münster’s sporting director Peter Niemeyer (39). On Thursday, exactly on the calculated date, his partner gave birth to a healthy little daughter. In the 5th episode of the new podcast, Niemeyer talks in detail and humorously about his own youth in Riesenbeck, the beginnings of his professional career and his career up to the difficult task of putting together a team suitable for the third division for the new season “Prussia Private”that under is available. Or wherever there are podcasts.

Source: Asia Times

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