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Manhunt in Magdeburg: woman hits strange child in tram



Magdeburg – Who recognizes this blonde woman with the sunglasses on her head?

She is a suspect for the police in Saxony-Anhalt. Unbelievable: She is said to have attacked and hit a strange child (10) in a tram!

Now the investigators are looking for the blonde in a public search across Germany.

What happened? According to the police, a father was traveling with his ten-year-old son on September 26, 2022 at around 4 p.m. on a line 1 tram in Magdeburg.

The woman finally hit the child at the “Breiter Weg” stop. Whether a dispute had preceded – unclear. The police referred to the ongoing investigation and the information released to the public by the public prosecutor’s office in the case.

Witness photographed alleged thug

“Especially when minors are involved in what is happening, special attention is paid to personal rights,” said a police spokeswoman. “After the incident, a witness managed to photograph the suspect outside the tram.” This is how the mug shot was ultimately created.


A strange woman is said to have attacked a child on a tram in Magdeburg

Photo: Klaus-Dietmar Gabbert/dpa

It is also not known whether and how badly the boy was injured in the attack. Fortunately, an ambulance did not have to be requested at the time, according to the police. The alleged thug is now being investigated for assault.

The woman she was looking for had blonde, wavy hair tied in a bun and black sunglasses on her head at the time of the crime. She was wearing a dark blue jacket with white dots and stripes, a light blue quilted waistcoat and blue jeans. She carried a blue purse over her shoulder.

Anyone with information about the person depicted is asked to contact the Magdeburg police station on 0391 546-3295 or the nearest police station.

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Source: Asia Times


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